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The Undertaker

Page written Nov 8, 2003
Uploaded Nov 8th, 2003
Updated Nov 10th, 2003

Into every life, eventually, the doorman between this life and the next touches us all.
In the Valley of the Toenail Ridge Shortline the undertaker was one Heronymus Whitehouse (see Chapter 16 in the Saga of the Toenail Ridge)
Mr Whitehouse, Esq, had purchased an imposing false-front edifiece on Main St in Selbyville, there to purvey his occupation.
He'd also invested in an excellent Model TT hearse with which to convey the remains of the dear departed to their final resting place.

The hearse is built on the same chassis as all of my other Model TT trucks, see Main page for links to them

The new building, like the Hotel next door and Don's gas station down the street, are made from Korflute board.

The lace curtains in the undertaker's windows were made for me by my clever Kathy who cut up paper doilies to suit.

The coffin inside the hearse is scratched from balsawood and has a brass nameplate and handles made from staples.


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