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Tom Fassett's Model Railroad Projects


These are various modeling projects I have documented with instructions and photos.  As I model in HO scale, that is what any measurements are scaled to.  Some of these projects have measured drawings.  As I get time, I will try to convert these to other scales.  Click on the thumbnail to be taken to the instruction page for that project.

          Tom Fassett

Boxcab Switcher
This is a little boxcab switcher I kitbashed out of an inexpensive "hustler" type switcher.
1 - 4 Inch Trestle Support Jig
This is a jig I made to quickly mass produce trestle supports.  It allows you to make 1", 2", 3" or 4" high supports with the same jig.
Making Miniature Trees
This is an instruction page detailing how I make some of the miniature trees for the layout.
Making Tarped Loads from garbage
This is an instruction page detailing how I make tarped loads out of things I find in the garbage (really... ;- )

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