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Although I tend to update pages faster than I can document the changes, I am attempting to keep a running list of updates (at least for the major additions).  As seems to be the standard policy, this list builds from the top with the most recent dates first, followed by a link to the appropriate page.

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October 01, 2006
I think I got most of the links to the rolling stock pages fixed.
I added a lot of Southern Pacific rolling stock pictures, especially to the hopper, gondola and boxcar pages. I have a couple hundred more SP boxcars to get posted then I will start on other roads.

I have started re-scanning many of the SP locomotive photos and reducing the vertical size to save space. Also, since I cannot get any more space on Trainweb, I have begun moving a lot of the photo indexes elsewhere. If you find a broken link, let me know... ;- )


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