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       Here is where you will find the collections of photographs I have taken.  The collections are divided up by rosters, rolling stock, MOW equipment, structures, locations, etc...   Most of my photographs are taken on 35mm film and the negatives are then scanned using an HP photo/negative/slide scanner.  You may notice a gap in the date periods noted on the pictures.  This is due to a 10 year loss of interest in rail photography on my part (what was I thinking?!).  The first period scans the mid 1980s while the second period is contemporary to the last couple years.  As I am located in the Southwestern United States, this is the primary focus of the collection.  I do travel for business though, and have gotten shots all over the country.
For specific subjects, I may have more information or detailed photo sets available.  If I have had time to post them I will list a link with the picture to the detail collection (usually found in the modeling section).


                                                       Tom Fassett

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