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SP Roster - Engine numbers 7400 - 7999
Southern Pacific Roster  
#7400 - #7999
Diesels listed by number regardless of date or model

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SP7401         SD45-2
SP7406         SD45-2 SP7407         SD45R SP7411         SD45-2 SP7413         SD45-2 SP7414         SD45-2 SP7415         SD45-2
SP7417         SD45-2
SP7420         SD45-2 SP7426         SD45-2 SP7429         SD45-2 SP7437         SD45-2 SP7439         SD45R SP7440         SD45-2
SP7441         SD45-2
SP7456         SD45R SP7459         SD45-2 SP7468         SD45R SP7469         SD45R SP7470         SD45R SP7477         SD45-2
SP7478         SD45-2 SP7482         SD45R
SP7484        SD45-2 SP7488         SD45-2 SP7495         SD45R SP7499         SD45R
SP7500        SD45-2
SP7514        SD45R SP7515        SD45R SP7521        SD45R SP7523        SD45-2 SP7525        SD45-2 SP7527        SD45-2
SP7528        SD45-2
SP7532        SD45-2 SP7533        SD45R SP7547        SD45R
SP7611        GP40-2
SP7617        GP40-2 SP7626        GP40-2 SP7629        GP40-2 SP7639        GP40-2 SP7653        GP40-2 SP7659        GP40-2
SP7662        GP40-2
SP7663        GP40-2 SP7665        GP40-2 SP7667        GP40-2 SP7676        GP40-2
SP7756          B36-7
SP7779          B30-7
SP7794          B30-7
SP7801          B30-7
SP7818          B30-7
SP7840          B30-7
SP7845          B30-7
SP7857          B30-7
SP7860          B30-7
SP7867          B30-7
SP7870          B30-7
SP7873          B30-7
SP7879          B30-7
SP7944        GP40-2
SP7948        GP40-2 SP7950        GP40-2 SP7959        GP40-2

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