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SP Roster - Engine numbers 8000 - 8573
Southern Pacific Roster  
#8000 - #8573
Diesels listed by number regardless of date or model

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SP8013          B39-8
SP8107      C44-9W SP8127      C44-9W SP8157      C44-9W SP8158      C44-9W SP8166      C44-9W SP8167      C44-9W
SP8169      C44-9W
SP8178      C44-9W SP8199      C44-9W SP8200      C44-9W SP8230     SD40T-2
SP8231     SD40T-2
SP8235     SD40T-2
SP8249     SD40T-2
SP8273     SD40T-2
SP8276     SD40T-2
SP8277     SD40T-2
SP8281     SD40T-2
SP8293     SD40T-2
SP8294     SD40T-2
SP8295     SD40T-2
SP8296     SD40T-2
SP8297     SD40T-2
SP8307     SD40T-2
SP8309     SD40T-2
SP8312     SD40T-2
SP8313     SD40T-2
SP8314     SD40T-2
SP8315     SD40T-2
SP8316     SD40T-2
SP8321     SD40T-2
SP8322     SD40T-2
SP8324     SD40T-2
SP8327     SD40T-2
SP8328     SD40T-2
SP8329     SD40T-2
SP8350     SD40T-2 SP8351     SD40T-2
SP8355     SD40T-2
SP8359     SD40T-2
SP8363     SD40T-2
SP8368     SD40T-2
SP8370     SD40T-2
SP8379     SD40T-2   SP8495     SD40T-2
SP8496     SD40T-2
SP8499     SD40T-2
SP8500     SD40T-2
SP8503     SD40T-2
SP8505     SD40T-2
SP8510     SD40T-2
SP8513     SD40T-2
SP8514     SD40T-2
SP8518     SD40T-2
SP8521     SD40T-2
SP8523     SD40T-2
SP8524     SD40T-2
SP8531     SD40T-2
SP8532     SD40T-2
SP8533     SD40T-2
SP8534     SD40T-2
SP8536     SD40T-2
SP8540     SD40T-2
SP8547     SD40T-2
SP8548     SD40T-2
SP8550     SD40T-2
SP8552     SD40T-2
SP8553     SD40T-2
SP8556     SD40T-2
SP8557     SD40T-2
SP8567     SD40T-2
SP8570     SD40T-2

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