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SP Roster - Engine numbers 8574 - 8999
Southern Pacific Roster  
#8574 - #8999
Diesels listed by number regardless of date or model

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SP8575     SD40M-2
SP8577     SD40M-2
SP8578     SD40M-2
SP8581     SD40M-2
SP8582     SD40M-2
SP8589     SD40M-2
SP8592     SD40M-2
SP8594          U33C
SP8594     SD40M-2
SP8601     SD40M-2
SP8603     SD40M-2
SP8605     SD40M-2
SP8609     SD40M-2
SP8611     SD40M-2
SP8614     SD40M-2
SP8615     SD40M-2
SP8616     SD40M-2
SP8620     SD40M-2
SP8621     SD40M-2
SP8624     SD40M-2
SP8625     SD40M-2
SP8626     SD40M-2
SP8629     SD40M-2
SP8630     SD40M-2
SP8631     SD40M-2
SP8632     SD40M-2
SP8633          U33C
SP8635     SD40M-2
SP8638     SD40M-2
SP8640     SD40M-2
SP8641     SD40M-2
SP8642     SD40M-2
SP8646     SD40M-2
SP8647     SD40M-2
SP8650     SD40M-2
SP8652     SD40M-2
SP8653     SD40M-2
SP8655     SD40M-2
SP8657     SD40M-2
SP8658     SD40M-2
SP8664          U33C
SP8664     SD40M-2
SP8666     SD40M-2
SP8668          U33C
SP8670     SD40M-2
SP8673     SD40M-2
SP8674     SD40M-2
SP8684     SD40M-2
SP8685     SD40M-2
SP8686     SD40M-2
SP8687     SD40M-2
SP8688     SD40M-2
SP8689     SD40M-2
SP8691     SD40M-2
SP8692     SD40M-2
SP8694     SD40M-2
SP8698     SD40M-2
SP8699     SD40M-2
SP8700     SD40M-2
SP8701     SD40M-2
SP8702     SD40M-2
SP8706     SD40M-2
SP8717          U33C
SP8725          U33C
SP8749          U33C
SP8771          U33C
SP8859          SD45
SP8909          SD45
SP8951          SD45
SP8960          SD45
SP8988          SD45
SP8992          SD45

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