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SP Roster - Engine numbers 9000 - 9999
Southern Pacific Roster  
#9000 - #9999
Diesels listed by number regardless of date or model

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SP9041          SD45
SP9055          SD45
SP9074          SD45
SP9092          SD45
SP9108          SD45
SP9110          SD45
SP9120          SD45
SP9121          SD45
SP9129          SD45
SP9144          SD45
SP9150          SD45
SP9173      SD45T-2
SP9185      SD45T-2
SP9207      SD45T-2
SP9214      SD45T-2
SP9228      SD45T-2
SP9246      SD45T-2
SP9249      SD45T-2
SP9260      SD45T-2
SP9304      SD45T-2
SP9313      SD45T-2
SP9338      SD45T-2
SP9342      SD45T-2
SP9344      SD45T-2
SP9353      SD45T-2
SP9360      SD45T-2
SP9366      SD45T-2
SP9732           GP60
SP9748           GP60
SP9756           GP60
SP9758           GP60
SP9761           GP60
SP9784           GP60
SP9793           GP60
SP9794           GP60
SP9802      SD70M
SP9805      SD70M
SP9809      SD70M
SP9821      SD70M

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