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Tom Fassett's Diesel Prototype Pictures
Diesel Prototype Detail Pictures

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 Prototype Photos of Diesels By Model Type

EMD Diesels
SW1 SW900 SW1200 SW1500 MP15DC MP15AC GP7
GP9 GP15-1 GP20 GP30 GP35 GP38 GP39
GP40 GP40-2 GP40P-2 GP50 GP60 SD20 SD35
SD40 SD40-2 SD40M (SP) SD45 SDP45 SD50 SD60
SD70M SD80 SD9043 SD90MAC
GE Diesels
B23-7 B30-7 B36-7 B39-8 B40-8 C30-7 C36-7
 C40-8  C41-8  C44-9 AC44 C44ACCTE  U Boats
Misc Diesels
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