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This website follows the trips I've taken to wine country and reviews of the wineries that I've visited.

A little about me

My introduction to wine started when I was in junior high school. My family used to take trips up to Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley each year. My father was fond of dry white wines at the time and my mom was and still is into the sweeter varieties. I immediately took an interest and it became my job to figure out which wineries to visit. I guess I must have had a sixth sense because my folks were always impressed with the wines and tours at the wineries I selected. If I was lucky, I got to try some of those wines if they bought some. As time went on I became more of a beer drinker and sort of forgot about my first love (well besides cars). Then about 5 years ago while visiting friends up in Oregon I ended up drinking a Pinot Noir and fell in love with the vino again. At first I was only interested in Pinot Noir (no, it had nothing to do with the movie Sideways) but the more I got into it, the more varietals I wanted to try. Now when I go tasting I always look for something I haven't tried before and of course I still sample my favorites.


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