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Pere Marquette 1225 & The Polar Express / Back In Steam: Nickel Plate Road 765

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All pictures displayed are video captures from actual program footage unless noted.

Program 137

Pere Marquette & The Polar Express / Back In Steam: Nickel Plate Road 765

Since the mid-1980’s Pere Marquette 1225 has been a fixture in the central Michigan town of Owosso.  2005 brought the locomotive even more notoriety in the form of the movie “The Polar Express”, which used many design elements and sounds from the 1225.

With “Polar Express” still emblazoned on the 1225’s tender, we followed the locomotive on an exursion from Owosso to Cadillac, Michigan.

Then we stopped in Ft. Wayne, IN where Nickel Plate Road 765 was in steam for the first time in 12 years.

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Morning in Owosso, Michigan finds just about every valve and angle cock open on a steam-up Pere Marquette 1225.  Ahead is a excursion over the Tuscola & Saginaw Bay Railroad to Cadillac, Michigan.

Overseer of the 1225 is the Steam Railroading Institute and its Director, Dennis Braid.

Here the 1225 is about to duck under a highway overpass as the train nears Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

A large crowd gathered in downtown Cadillac to see the 1225 roll into town.

This frame was shot by contributor Ron Beran during the 1225’s 2003 outing.

Hello world: After 12 years of overhaul and rebuilding work, Nickel Plate Road 765 glistens in the sun during a Ft. Wayne Historical Society open house.

The payoff after all that work, a hot locomotive ready to hit the road again.

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