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The Track Switch
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CDAC (ex-Amtk) F40PHRm # 451 in St. Jean-sur-Richelieu, Qc. Note the shortened nose and platform. These 'Widecabs' are unique to CDAC F40s, which were made during a rebuild. Another thing that is interesting is the fact that about 20 feet to the left of the camera was a sign that read, "END OF CDAC, START OF ST.L&H"

A CDAC train being led by GP40 # 40, along with two HATX GP40s, F40PHRm # 453, GP35m # 510 and 515. In Eastman, Qc.

By looking at the second and third engines, it can be seen that they were originally Chessie System and Atlantic Coast Line respectively. HATX must not have had any time to repaint them!!

I managed to catch up with the above train, in Orford Qc. Unfortunately, it was getting a bit dark for pictures. CDAC F40PHRm #453

CDAC GP35m # 515 in Orford, Qc.

Northern Vermont (CDAC) GP35m # 510 in Orford, Qc.


St. Lawrence and Atlantic (SLR) GP9 # 60, idling rapidly on a Sunday afternoon in Island Pond, Vt. Note the spark arrestors on the exhaust stacks. (as this engine is used to switch cars at the Waussau paper mill in Groveton, NH.)

Another picture of GP9 # 60, this engine was originally owned by Grand Trunk Western

SLR/SLQ GATX GP40 # 3702 and SLQ M420W # 3519 dragging a short southbound train uphill in early January. This photo was taken by Michael Eby with my new digital camera in Waterville, Qc. Look at how the GP40 is making more smoke than the M420!!!!!


CN SD40-2W # 5242 and Alsthom SD40-3 # 6071 in Ste. Madelaine, Qc. Roaring through town at 60 M.P.H. at about 7:30 AM.

GEC ALSTHOM SD40-3 # 6075 with SD40-2W # 5348 in Ste. Madelaine, Qc.

CN SD75i # 5646 on the Ultratrain in Montreal

CN SD75i # 5713, in the same location as the engine in the photo above; on a different day.

Two CN C-44-9W units crossing a viaduct with the 'Ultratrain' in Montreal

A CN SD75i and a 'North-America' SD40u, along with a black leased engine, are crossing a bridge in, St. Léonard d'Aston, Qc. I was standing on top of the loaded flatbed trailer of my grandfather's truck when I took this photo! ( I was able to do this because a spring broke on the clutch and we had to wait for another tractor to be brought to us (it was quite a choice spot for a railfan to breakdown, No??))

CN SD60Fs # 5502 & 5529 in St. Nicholas, Qc.

The same units as above, Note the numberboards are above the cab windows in 5502, CN has 4 SD60Fs of this variation

CN F7Au # 9171 at the Canadian Railway Museum, in Delson, Qc.

CN MLW RS18 #3684 at the Canadian Railway Museum

CNR 2-8-2 Mikado # 3239, at the Canadian Railway Museum


CP SD40-2 #5421, and also Delaware and Hudson GP38-2 # 7312, in Albany,  New York ( D&H & 7312 is the only named locomotive on the CP roster)

CP C424 # 4237 at the Canadian Railway Museum


QG SW1500 # 1500 switching at Trois-Rivières, Qc.

QG SW1500 # 1507 in Trois-Rivières, Qc. (Taken one year after the photo above!!)


BNSF SD70I # 9991 in Argentine Yard, Kansas City, Mo. (This picture was taken by mom on her way to the convention center on a business trip.)

More BNSF SD70Is in Argentine Yard!


Ciment Quebec's GE 50t. industrial at the St. Basile de Portneuf Plant.

HOBO RR. (ex-CPR) S1 # 1008 in Mededith, N.H.

White Mt. Central #6, this is a 'Climax' type logging locomotive. In Woodstock, N.H.

Southwest Trains train # 1822, in Farnborough, Hamphire, England

Southwest Trains train # 62783, in Windsor, Royal Berkshire, England

An ALCo. 6 cylinder prime-mover at the Canadian Railway Museum

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