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 EMD Demonstrator #7001 testing on Conrail at Framingham, MA on April 19, 1993

Copyright 1993, 1998 Houghton's RailImages


 Conrail #2038 (Ex-Monongahela Super-7) at West Brownsville, PA on August 24, 1993

Copyright 1993, 1998 Houghton's RailImages


 Westbound Conrail freight with GP40-2 #3374 leading crosses the river in Huntington, MA during April 1983

Copyright 1983, 1998 Houghton's RailImages


 Conrail C32-8 #6612 leads an eastbound out of Conrails Selkirk, NY yard on September 1, 1985

Copyright 1985, 1998 Houghton's railImages


 Conrail GP9 #7272 (Ex-New Haven #7272) with its old New Haven paint scheme bleeding through travels up the former Lowell branch which at this time only went as far as West Acton. The 7272 is seen crossing Rte 2 in Concord, MA heading north during June 1982.

Copyright 1982, 1998 Houghton's RailImages


 Conrail SD80 #4123 leads a eastbound freight over the summit at Washington, MA on May 16, 1999

Copyright 1999 Houghton's RailImages


 Conrail SD80 #4119 sits in the West Springfield, MA yard between assignments. W. Springfield Tower is in the background. October 25, 1998

Copyright 1998, 1999 Houghton's RailImages
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