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 Battenkill Railroad RS3 #4116 heads south over the Owl Kill River enroute to the B&M interchange at Eagle Bridge, NY during July 1983

Copyright 1983, 2000 Houghton's RailImages


 Claremont & Concord 44 Tonner #32 does a little bit of street running as it switches out customers at Claremont, NH on July 16, 1984. All of this street trackage is now gone.

Copyright 1984, 2000 Houghton's RailImages


 Frankfort & Cincinnati S2 #106 switches out a Western Maryland boxcar on its sister road Pioneer Valley at Holyoke, MA during May 1983

Copyright 1983, 2000 Houghton's RailImages


 Housatonic Railroad No# 80 tonner heads southbound with a passenger extra at Cornwall, CT on May 17, 1987

Copyright 1987, 2000 Houghton's RailImages


 Lamoille Valley RS3 #7801 working on the Twin States RR heads south out of Groveton, NH as it passes mile marker G5 on the former B&M line on its way back to Whitefield, NH. Photo taken at Northumberland, NH May 25, 1990

Copyright 1990, 2000 Houghton's RailImages


 Lamoille Valley RS11 #3612 and New Hampshire & Vermont Gp9 #669 pose for a night photo at the ball signals in Whitefield, NH on August 7, 1993

Copyright 1993, 2000 Houghton's RailImages


 Mass Central C425 sits at Conrails West Springfield, MA yard on October 25, 1998.

Copyright 1998, 2000 Houghton's RailImages


 Northern Vermont #513 & 510 switch the yard at Newport, Vermont during August 1997.

Copyright 1997, 2000 Houghton's RailImages


 Maine Coast Alco S1 #958 leads a fantrip at Waldoboro, ME on September 28, 1991.

Copyright 1991, 2000 Houghton's RailImages

All of these photos are copyrighted by Houghton's RailImages and as such are only to be used for your own personal enjoyment. They are not to be uploaded onto any other website, sold, published or used commercially in any shape or form without express written permission from Houghton's RailImages.

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