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New Zealand Locomotives

EF Class Electric Locomotives
EF Class

Updated 10 June 2003
DX Class Diesel Locomotives
DX Class

Updated 23 September 2007
DFT Class Diesel Locomotives
DFT Class

Updated 22 March 2005
DC Class Diesel Locomotives
DC Class

Updated 30 October 2006
DBR Class Diesel Locomotives
DBR Class

Updated 22 March 2005
DH Class Diesel Shunter
DH Class

Current 2003
DSG/DSJ Class Diesel Shunter

Updated 4 October 2003
DSC Class Diesel Shunter
DSC Class

Updated 22 March 2005
DSA Class Diesel Shunter
DSA Class

Updated 21 July 2003
TR Class Rail Tractors
TR Class

Updated 22 March 2005
EM/ET Class Electric Multiple Units
EM/ET Class

Updated 23 May 2003
ADL/ADC Class Diesel Multiple Units

Updated 22 July 2003

Updated 23 September 2007
Recent Recordings
Recent Recordings

Current 2007

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23 September 2007
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