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Railfair 1999 - Page 1

Railfair 1999

The Great Railroad Celebration in Sacramento

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1999 Steve Barry

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Railfair 1999 was held at the California State Railroad Museum from June 18-27, 1999. It marked the largest gathering of steam locomotives in the diesel era, with over two dozen engines under steam. A few classic diesels were a part of the festivities as well.

Southern Pacific Daylight 4-8-4 4449 from Portland, Oregon, faces off against Union Pacific 4-8-4 844, which came into Sacramento from Cheyenne.


Visitors to Railfair were greeted by the California State Railroad Museum's own J.W. Bowker at the main gate. The Bowker was dressed as the Jupiter for the "Wild, Wild West" movie.


Southern Pacific 4-6-2 2467 from Oakland was on the levee outside the museum grounds while CSRM's Granite Rock 0-6-0 No.10 pulled an excursion train.


One of the highlights of Railfair was the Great Shay Race, which squared off North Carolina's Graham County No.1925 against Oregon's Mount Emily Lumber No.1. The 1925 blasts past the crowd at the awesome speed of 18 miles an hour!


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