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F-Units in the Royal Gorge - Page 1

F-Units in the Royal Gorge

The Canon City & Royal Gorge Railroad

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1999 Steve Barry

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The Canon City & Royal Gorge Railroad has taken over the former Denver & Rio Grande line through the Royal Gorge near Canon City, Colorado. This line was most recently operated by Union Pacific. The CC&RG utilizes two F-units, painted in a scheme reminiscent of the D&RGW. It's good to have this scenic line preserved. These photos were taken September 26, 1999.

At about 1:30 in the morning of September 26, 1999, the CC&RG F-units are resting at the station in Canon City, Colorado.


Driving to a trail head just west of Canon City and then walking a mile or so yields this view of the 9:00 a.m. train heading west. The F-units are always on the east end and push the train from Canon City to Parkdale.


From the same location, a telephoto lens brings in the walls of the gorge as the train moves away toward Parkdale.


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