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Newark City Subway

PCC's Still Roll On!

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1999 Steve Barry

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The Newark City Subway operates 4.3 miles of track, mostly above ground, between Pennsylvania Station and Franklin Avenue in the large New Jersey city. PCC cars run on two-minute headways during rush hours, and evgen at other times you don't have to wait very long to see a car. A catenary replacement project will be finished in November 1999, at which time the PCC's will be equipped with pantographs. Shortly thereafter, the PCC's will be replaced. For 1999, however, the Newark City Subway (along with Boston's Mattapan Line and San Francisco's Market Street Line) remains the last great PCC show in America. The following photos were all taken April 8, 1999.

We start at the Franklin Avenue loop on the north end of the subway. PCC No.11 has just discharged its passengers and is ready to head back to downtown.


PCC No.2 is ready to head downtown while No.11 enters the loop.


Two stations south of Franklin Avenue is Davenport Avenue (we skipped Heller Parkway). The first signs of spring are on the trees as inbound PCC No.12 rounds the curve between Heller and Davenport Avenues.


Outbound PCC No.12 accelerates away from Davenport Avenue as an inbound car approaches.


We skip the Bloomfield Avenue station and arrive at the Park Avenue station. PCC No.24 passes one of the classic signals on the line as it heads for Pennsylvania Station.


Many of the stations are located under road bridges. PCC No.9 is ready to duck under Park Avenue on its inbound trip.


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