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The Silverton Mixed

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1998 Steve Barry

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The Rocky Mountain Railroad Club operated the Silverton Mixed from Durango to Cascade Wye, Colorado, on December 5, 1998, as part of the club's 60th Anniversary celebration. The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad went all-out by painting K-28 Mikado 478 in the Rio Grande speed lettering, painting three boxcars, two flat cars and a caboose in D&RGW lettering and applying D&RGW magnetic signboards to a combine and two coaches. This trip may have marked the first mixed train on the Silverton branch to operate with Denver & Rio Grande Western lettering since the 1950s.

From the front platform of the combine, we see K-28 478 and the freight cars on the famous high line horseshoe curve above Rockwood, Colorado.


Minutes later, the train is crossing the high bridge over the Animas River.


At the Tall Timber resort (accessible only by rail) the northbound train made a spectacular runby in a snowstorm. There were 14 runbys during the day.


In a Christmas card scene, the mixed train runs through the snow amidst pine trees.


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