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Southern Pacific 4449 Circles Washington

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1999 Steve Barry

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On June 14-15, 1997, Southern Pacific 4-8-4 Daylight 4449 circled Washington State. Departing Portland, Oregon, the train ran over BNSF's ex-Spokane, Portland & Seattle line along the Columbia River, then headed north to Yakima on BNSF's ex-Northern Pacific trackage for the night. The next day the train traversed Stampede Pass before heading back to Portland.

On Saturday, June 14, 1997, Southern Pacific 4449 was racing along the Columbia River near Lyle, Washington.


A few seconds later, the Daylight was crossing the Klickitat River at Lyle.


The train was on a high fill above the Columbia River as it passed through Roosevelt, Washington, after a servicing stop at Wishram.


The station at Toppenish is located on the former Northern Pacific. On June 14, 1997, it witnessed the passing of a Southern Pacific GS4.


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