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1967 Tube Stock As-Built Photo Page

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1967 Tube Stock As-Built Photos

Fig. 1: 1967 Tube Stock Train in Original Condition

67 TS External As New.jpg (24365 bytes)

1967 Tube Stock unit 3004 as delivered with unpainted aluminium body shell and black painted roof.  There were a number of features new to Underground rolling stock on the 1967 Tube Stock. These included the stylish wrap round cab windows, the two large, bright headlights and the "calling-on" light over the driver's cab window.  There were no cab side doors on this or the later 1972 Tube Stock.   This particular feature was to be a source of much trouble in later years.  Windows are "double-glazed" and ventilator slots are fitted over each window.  The door glazing curves up to the top of the door, a new feature on this stock when it arrived.  This was to allow standing passengers to see station names more easily.

Fig. 2: 1967 Tube Stock Interior as built

67 TS orig interior.jpg (46437 bytes)

This is the interior of a 1967 Tube Stock motor car, as delivered, looking towards the driving cab.  The layout is the traditional pattern of longitudinal seats at the ends and transverse seats in the car centre.  The colours have changed little since the 1959 Stock.  New features for the time are the illuminated advertisement panels and the two-level armrests.

The illuminated advertisment panels were an attempt to increase advertising revenue but the cost of cleaning and changing the lighting tubes was greater than any revenue generated and the idea was not perpetuated for new designs after 1973.  The ordinary lighting was not covered, the bare tubes being easy to change and keep clean.

The armrests were designed to allow two passengers sitting next to each other to use the same armrest.

The line maps over the windows were posted on tipping ventilator openings.  Ventilation is natural on this stock and, as always, is never very satisfactory.

Trailer car interiors were similar except that the seats were all longitudinal, an attempt to provide more standing space.


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