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1967 Tube Stock Original ATO Photo Page

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1967 Tube Stock Original ATO Photos

Fig. 1:  1967 Tube Stock Cab Front

67 TS Orig Front.jpg (34362 bytes)

1967 Tube Stock front end showing the ATO/ATP pick-up coils mounted ahead of the bogie frame over the running rails and which are used to detect the coded track circuits to control the speed of the train.  Two sets of coils are provided, one for the safety information and one for the automatic driving commands.  There is another set of coils over the opposite rail on the other side of the bogie.

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Fig. 2: Mechanical Governor and Run Back Detector

67 TS Mech Gov labelled.jpg (35668 bytes)

A close up photo of the original mechanical governor and run back detector used on 1967 Tube Stock.  The mechanical governor operated the emergency brake at 25 mi/h to prevent the train exceeding this speed if there was no full speed (420) code available.

The run back detector was simply a device to initiate the emergency brake if the train rolled backwards.


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