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1967 Tube Stock Refurbished Cab Photo Page

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Refurbished 1967 Tube Stock Cab Photos

Fig. 1: Refurbished 1967 Tube Stock Offside Cab

67 TS refurb offside cab.jpg (36128 bytes)

This is a view of the offside of the 1967 Tube Stock cab after refurbishment.  The main changes are the new door controls on the window sill and the addition of the communications handset and control unit.  The flag switch operated slow manual control has been replaced by a more conventional rotary switch.  Most of the other controls are unchanged.  the grey finish has been replaced by bright blue. Photo by Tube Troll.

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Fig. 2: 1967 Tube Stock Door Controls

67 TS refurb door controls.jpg (35691 bytes)

New door controls have been provided under the side windows of the cab.  These have replaced the rotary original controls on the rear wall. Photo by Tube Troll.

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Fig. 3: Identra Destination Control Switch

67 TS Identra Switch.jpg (31413 bytes)

This photo shows the Identra destination switch provided in 1967 Tube Stock cabs.  The train destination is selected by the ATO Operator at the start of the trip so that it can be transmitted to the control centre.   This system was originally provided for the line in 1968 and has been retained.     Photo by Tube Troll.

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Fig. 4: 1967 Tube Stock Combined Traction/Brake Controller (CTBC)

67 TS refurb CTBC.jpg (41227 bytes)

The combined traction/brake controller provided in the 1967 Tube Stock cabThis design was the first of its type on London Underground. All previous stocks had separate traction and brake controllers. The handle is shown in the Shutdown position. The handle is rotated clockwise through the braking positions to reach the motoring positions.  Photo by Tube Troll.

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