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1967 Tube Stock Refurbishment Photo Page

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Refurbished 1967 Tube Stock Photos

Fig. 1: Refurbished 1967 Tube Stock Train at Northumberland Park

67 TS ref N Pk.jpg (34027 bytes)

Following the Kings Cross station fire in November 1987, London Underground started a programme of increasing the fire hardness of the system.   Trains were to have all interiors replaced with new fire hardened materials and the exteriors were to be repainted to enhance the image and to try to cover the damage to the unpainted skin caused by graffiti.

The first trains to be refurbished were from the 1967 Stock fleet.   This photo of a 1967 Stock unit at Northumberland Park shows the new corporate livery finally chosen for all refurbished trains.  The original black roof has been replaced by grey, the body colour is white and the passenger doors and cab ends are red.   The blue panel at floor level is designed to reduce the effects of dirt which always appear here more than elsewhere on the cars.

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Fig. 2: Interior of Refurbished 1967 Tube Stock Trailer Car

67 TS ref int.jpg (52533 bytes)

The car interiors were completely redesigned.   This shows the inside of a trailer car, recognisable by its all longitudinal seats.  The whole interior of these cars was stripped.  New rubber flooring replaced the traditional maple wood, seats and handholds were replaced and new lighting and pressure ventilation installed.  The colour theme was designed to reflect the Victoria Line colour.

The tipping ventilators over the windows were sealed up and new fans installed along the ceiling of the car.  The illuminated advertisement panels were removed and all new lighting tubes were enclosed behind diffusers.

The old flexible handgrips have gone and new vertical and horizontal bars placed all along the car length.

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Fig. 3: Exterior of Refurbished 1967 Tube Stock Driving Car at Ealing Common

I67 TS Refurb DM at EC Dt DD.jpg (28901 bytes)

This photo shows the exterior of a 1967 Tube Stock driving car at Ealing Common Depot in 2002.  The train was being used for engineering tests.  The train has been fitted with inter-car barriers in an attempt to reduce the instances of persons (usually drunk) falling between the cars.

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Fig. 4: Cab Front of Refurbished 1967 Tube Stock Driving Car

67 TS Refurb DM Front DD.jpg (40761 bytes)

This is the refurbished cab front of a 1967 Tube Stock driving car at Ealing Common Depot in 2002.  A few modifications have appeared since the trains were built, principally, the addition of a train radio aerial near the top of the cab door and a handrail under the offside cab window.  Below that window is a hinged footstep, shown in the raised position.

The handrail and footstep have been provided to allow drivers to get in and out of the cab through the front (M) door, to avoid going back into the passenger saloon.   This is a particular problem because there are no side cab doors and the saloon can often be crowded with passengers.  Both the 1967 and 1972 Stocks suffer from this problem.

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