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1972 Tube Stock Cabs

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Photos - 1972 Tube Stock Drivers' Cabs

Fig. 1:  Original 1972 Tube Stock Control Desk

72 TS old nearside controls 72116.jpg (50593 bytes)Interior of 1972 Tube Stock cab showing the nearly original condition before conversion to OPO and refurbishment.  A number of Mk I trains reamined in this condition until they were all withdrawn from the Northern Line and replaced by the 1995 Tube Stock.

The control desk is very similar to that of the C Stock.  The controls on the window pillar are for (top) Rate Switch, Overloads and MG set and trip and Window Wiper.  The microphone was added for train radio.

This photo was taken in the cab of a unit stored at Hainault (Central Line) where some trains were stored after withdrawal from passenger service.

Photo by Tube Troll.










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Fig. 2:  1972 Tube Stock Mk I - Original Offside Console

72 TS Offside Console orig 72127.jpg (50547 bytes)

The original offside console of the 1972 Mk I Stock.  The only modification has been the insertion of the red Tripcock Reset push button.  Originally, tripcocks were reset manually from outside the cab but, following a number of incidents when drivers slipped whilst climbing around the front of the train to reset, the operation was converted to a remote action, activated by the push button.

The red handle is the offside emergency brake valve.  This is connected to the brake pipe to apply the brakes when operated.  This was originally provided for use under automatic train operation but ATO was never provided on this stock.

In the cabinet below the desk is the traction control fault isolation switch, the automatic coupler controls, and main and train line isolating cocks for emergency use.  Photo by Tube Troll.

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Fig 3:  1972 Tube Stock  - Refurbished Drivers Desk

72 TS Refurb Drivers Desk OPO 722.jpg (60002 bytes)

The refurbished driver's desk of the 1972 Stock.   The main alteration is the addition of door control buttons along the edge of the desk.  There is also a whistle lever in place of the button usually used on LUL.  Additional controls have been added  to the window pillar for passenger alarm response.  Photo by Tube Troll.

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Fig 4:  1972 Tube Stock - Refurbished Offside Console

72 TS Refurb Offside controls OPO 722.jpg (52418 bytes)

The offside desk of refurbished 1972 Stock.   A new, electronic train set number box has been provided and to the left of this is the trip reset button.  The four buttons in a line are those for saloon lighting and ventilation control. The bottom one is the OPO radio alarm reset.  Photo by Tube Troll.

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