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1972 Tube Stock Mixed Photos

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Photos - 1972 Tube Stock in Original Condition - Mixed

Fig. 1:  Mixed 1972 Tube Stock in the same train

72 TS I & II in train bw.jpg (42767 bytes)

Before 1984 it was not possible to use a Mk I unit and a Mk II unit of 1972 Stock in the same train.  However, in that year, some minor wiring modifications were carried out to allow this to happen.  This photo shows a mixed train at Edgware (Northern Line) with a 3-car Mk I unit (with unpainted doors) coupled to a 4-car Mk II unit (with painted doors).  The coupling point between the two units shows the UNDM of the 3-car unit coupled to the DM of the 4-car unit.  Photo by B Hardy.

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Fig. 2:  Mixed 1972 Tube Stock in the same unit

72 TS I & II in unit bw.jpg (44616 bytes)

Following the electrical modifications to allow Mk I units to couple to Mk II units, on at least one occasion, the two types appeared in the same unit.  In this instance a mixed unit was formed following collision damage to a couple of cars.   The Mk I motor car is coupled into a Mk II unit to replace a damaged DM car, while the photo illustrates clearly the differences in the bodyside logos.   Photo by B Hardy.

Since refurbishment, a number of trains have been formed with both types of cars.  They can only be distinguished by individual car numbers.

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