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1972 Tube Stock Refurb Photos

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Photos - 1972 Tube Stock after refurbishment

Fig. 1:  Refurbished 1972 Tube Stock

72 TS refurb at H & W.jpg (49660 bytes)

1972 Tube Stock at Harrow & Wealdstone (Bakerloo) showing the stock as it looks following refurbishment.  The exterior is painted in the LU corporate colours and the interiors have been completely rebuilt.  Note that the external handrails and steps are still retained on the cab front to assist drivers leaving the cab through the front (M) door when the saloon is crowded.  This is necessary because the stock has no side cab doors.  Photo by Kim Rennie.

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Fig. 2:  1972 Tube Stock Interior After Refurbishment

72 TS Interior Side.JPG (51426 bytes)

The interior of a 1972 Tube Stock motor car before refurbishment.  The original upholstery and flooring were standard at the time.   Trailer cars were similar but had longitudinal seating in place of the transverse seats seen here.  The internal panelling was made of melamine covered hardboard and it provided a smooth and easy to clean surface.  It was replaced under refurbishment since it was regarded as a fire risk although, in reality, this risk was very small.   Perhaps it was more to do with trying to brighten up the interior decor.

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