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73 TS Shunting Controls

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1973 Tube Stock Shunting Controls

Fig. 1:  Original Shunting Control Cabinet

73 TS shunting control orig.jpg (32974 bytes)The original shunting control cabinet provided on 1973 Tube Stock was mounted in the end wall of the UNDM car on the left hand side of the end doorway.   A simple set of controls were provided as shown here.  Included, along the top was a set of MCBs (Miniature Circuit Breakers).  Along the right hand edge is a set of three interlock plungers which were depressed when the door was closed.  They provided indications to various items of equipment that the cabinet door was closed and locked when out of use.

Below the air gauge were three indicator lights showing "Other Unit Cab On", "This Unit Cab On" and "Passenger Alarm On".  The whistle button was on the right.

The controls consisted of a selector switch on the left and the controller on the right.  This was curious, since the driving cabs were configured with the controls round the other way.






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Fig. 2:  Refurbished Shunting Control Cabinet
73 TS Shunting panel.jpg (48031 bytes)

This is the new shunting control panel provided on the outer end of each 1973 Tube Stock UNDM car.  On the left is the key operated selector switch giving forward or reverse movement.  Next are three buttons for overload and MA set and trip.  The use of MG on the labels is incorrect as the 1973 Tube Stock has motor alternators, not motor generators.  The last train on the Underground to have motor generators was the 1959 Stock.

Next, is the traction/brake controller with a small push button on top of the centre spindle, which is used to operate the deadman facility.  The controller only allows train speed to operate up to "series" configuration, about 20 mph.  On the right are three indicator lights showing "This Cab On", "Other Cab On" and "Passenger Emergency OK".  Finally, the large red button is to operate the whistle.

All this equipment is located under a perch seat at the end of the car.  The cover is locked shut when out of use and is linked to an alarm system in the cab which shows if the cover has been opened.   Photo kindly supplied by "Tube Troll".

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