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CLR Rolling Stock

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Central London Railway Rolling Stock Photos

Fig. 1:  CLR Locomotive and Train

CLR Electric Loco & train.jpg (91395 bytes)

An original Central London Railway train with electric locomotive at Wood Lane Depot in 1903.    The train is standing on the original shunting neck, which was connected to the original terminus station at Shepherds Bush.   Wood Lane itself is immediately behind the camera position, the locomotive standing facing the buffer stops, which are separated from Wood Lane by a wall.

The new station at Wood Lane was built on this site in 1908.  The tracks were lowered by about 4 metres (13 feet) and a loop was formed by diverting the track to the right and taking it back to Shepherds Bush.

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Fig. 2:  CLR Multiple Unit Train

CLR 03 TS gate.jpg (52957 bytes)

The whole Central London fleet was converted to multiple unit operation in 1903 because of the vibration caused by the electric locomotives.   New motor cars, like the one shown here, were purchased and formed into 6- or 7-car trains with the existing trailer cars. Note the inter-car barrier, provided in the form of a compressible "Bostwick" type.  Barriers of one sort or another were provided between most Underground cars until the mid-1920s.  Only in the late 1990s have they re-appeared.


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