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CO and C Stock

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CO and C Stock at Whitechapel

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CO and C Stock at Whitechapel (District).  The CO Stock (on the left) was originally call the O Stock and, with its sister stock, the P Stock, was introduced on the District and Metropolitan Lines between 1937 and 1940.   It was equipped with a regenerative braking system controlled with what was called a "Metadyne".  The Metadyne was a rotating machine designed to replace the normal resistance traction controls used at the time.  The system was replaced by conventional resistance controllers in the early 1960s and the O and P Stocks became CO and CP stocks, the C meaning "converted".  The stock was replaced on the Metropolitan and Circle Lines by the new C Stock, seen on the right.

The man visible in the rear cab of the red CO Stock is the guard.  Trains were two-man operated until conversion to OPO began in 1984. 


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