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1926 Tube Stock at Golders Green

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Photo - D Stock at Ealing Common Depot

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D Stock at Ealing Common Depot with the leading car standing over current rails ready for entry into service. 

The headlights on this stock are mounted in a cluster, together with the tail lights, stabling light and calling on light.  This was the first stock to have twin window wipers so that the window on the instructor's side was also provided with one.

The whistle is now located over the offside window.  It was originally fitted to the nearside handrail next to the front door but it never worked well in that position.  Note the radio aerial fitted over the driver's side windscreen.  This was fitted as part of the OPO (One Person Operation) conversion of  1985.  The District Line stickers are also a recent addition.   Photo by District Dave.

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