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Map of the Underground

Here is a link to the official maps of the London Underground railway system. 

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Click on the picture to get a link to London Underground's map page.

The London Underground map has a very interesting history.  Before 1933 London Underground lines were shown on scale plans or nearly scale plans.  In 1933, a new map was published showing the lines in diagrammatic form.  It was designed by Harry Beck, a draughtsman working in one of the Underground's drawing offices.  Since then, it has seen many versions and its design and style has been copied and adapted for use by many other transport systems around the world.

The story of the map and its development can be seen in the book, "Mr Beck's Underground Map" by Ken Garland, published by Capital Transport Publishing in 1994, ISBN 185414 168 6.  You can order it from Tubeprune.


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