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Victoria Line Diagrams

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Victoria Line Signal Diagrams

By Roger Mather

This page provides links to signal diagrams of the controlled areas of the Victoria Line drawn by Roger Mather.  Roger has kindly supplied these excellent schematics as a reference source for visitors to the Tubeprune website.  Diagrams are not to scale.  They are believed to be correct as at 18 December 2002.  

The whole of the Victoria Line is controlled from a control centre at Coburg Street, Euston.  Individual sites are operated by local Interlocking Machine Rooms (IMRs), remotely managed by Coburg Street.  Each IMR has a code letter which is seen on each signal indentification plate in the area. 

Click on the area or station name on this map to see a diagram of the local signalling.

To see the key to the symbols used on the drawings, click here

If you would like high definition copies of any of the diagrams, you may e-mail Roger here.   If you do ask for copies, remember that they will be large files, so make sure your internet service provider mailbox will accept them.

Also available, Signalling Plans of the Northern Line.

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