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Turrella Tramway’s

B Class


Simply known as “The Climax”, (although officially listed as Locomotive No. 4 “Luddenham” on the Turrella Tramway Roster) this locomotive was originally built by the Climax Manufacturing Company of Corry, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. in 1916 for the Longworth’s Logging Company Ltd of Kendall on the mid north coast of NSW. The Climax worked the forests of region until the Great Depression caused the Company to close the logging operations in 1929. Idle for 4 years the loco came to life on a fateful day in May 1933. In an attempt to recommence operations the Climax was taken on a initial run to test the strength of the bridges and trestles of the tramway. However, the years of decay had taken their toll on the line’s infrastructure. Halfway across one of the bridges the girders gave way and the Climax plunged upside down into the creek below. The loco was eventually recovered and repaired, but never worked on the line again.

Photo: Longworth's Climax at Kendall NSW

Photo: Turrella Tramway’s B Class Climax high on one of the Sandstone & Termite’s daunting timber trestles during a recent visit.

The Climax was eventually sold to the Turrella Tramway in the late 1940s. With the success of the Shay, a second loco was need to assist in the movement of logs along the branchline to Coal Creek. The second engine was required to carry on the operations of the tramline during the times when the Shay was being overhauled. The Climax was also needed to haul out the logs over some of the lighter weight track, for which heavier Shay was unsuited.

Photo: The Climax Company Logo on display on the cab of the Tyers Valley B class Climax, now preserved at Emerald, Victoria by Puffing Billy.

After an extensive overhaul, which saw the replacement of the ‘American spark arrestor’ for a straight ‘English’ style funnel the Climax was put to work at Turrella. Besides its logging work at Coal Creek and on Turrella Bank, the Climax can be sometimes seen pulling slow-mixed goods trains between Girlieville and Luddenham.

Photos: (Above and Below)
Turrella Tramway’s B Class Climax seen near the cliff face near Sandstone Station on Sandstone & Termite Railway.

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