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Steam Improvements of the Last 30 Years

updated December 23, 2004

4-8-4 P36.0032

Trans-Siberian Express P36.0032

P36.0032 is a Russian P36 4-8-4 which was modified by Phil Girdlestone. The P36's were built in the 1950's, and feature the 4-8-4 wheel arrangement made popular in the United States along with a typical Russian design boiler. These engines were quite successful but came shortly before dieselization was mandated. Fortunately, several expamples have survived. The P36's featured roller bearing axles and main rods, and were fairly modern as built. Phil modified P36.0032 with a Lempor exhaust and double chimney in May 2004 for use on the Trans-Siberian Express. This locomotive is based at Saint Petersburg Sort. depot.

Thanks to Tim Littler for the photos and information.