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Bibliography of Porta’s papers

updated 2 February 2022

List originally compiled by Geoff Lambert. Additions by Hugh Odom
Additional info provided by Shaun McMahon and Martyn Bane.

This page provides a listing of all the known technical papers written or contributed to by Ing. L. D. Porta on steam locomotives. All papers listed authored by Ing. L. D. Porta unless otherwise noted.

Several of these papers are available in printed collections from the Advanced Steam Traction Trust, including Volume 1- Tribology and Lubrication, Volume 2- Adhesion, Compounding and the Tornado Proposal, and Volume 3- Steam Locomotive Boilers, Fireboxes and Combustion.

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  1. Calcul des counterpoids des locomotives (Calculation of the Counterbalances for Locomotives) (en Español), VI Congress Panamericano de Ferrocarriles, Montevideo, Uruguay, 1945.
  2. Une methode graphique d'adjustement (A graphical method of adjustment) (en Español), unpublished, 1946.
  3. Contribution au perfectionement de l'injecteur a vapeur d'echappement (en Español), IX Congresso Panamericano de Ferrocarriles, Buenos Aires, 1951.
  4. Translation and comment of Tross: Neue Erkentnisse und Konstruktions Richtlinien auf dem Gebiet des Lokomotiv Hinterkessels, Glasers Annalen Okt, Nov, Dec 1951.(The translation from German to English would be something like: "New insight and construction guidelines in the area of the locomotive back boiler, i.e. firebox), unpublished, 1952.
  5. Communication sur la modernisation des locomotives 8C de FCGR Argentine, prototype No 3477 (Rebuilding of 8C series of the FCGR (Argentina)- paper submitted to the Pan American Railway Congress, Buenos Aires, Argentina) , Congresso Panamericano de Ferrocarriles, Buenos Aires, 1957.
  6. With C. S. Taladriz, Contribucion al perfectionamento del injector de vapore de escape, IX Congresso Panamericano de Ferrocarriles, Buenos Aires, 1957.
  7. Adhesencia, XII Congress Pan Americano de Ferrocarriles, Buenos Aires, 1957(?).
  8. Traduction commentee de l'article de S.Weigelt: "Betriabserforschungen bei der volkomene inneren Kesselspeiswasseraufbereitung ? Antischramittle (?) Diskro: Die Werkstatt No 7 Allegmagne Orientale (en Anglais), unpublished, 1958.
  9. Revista de Y.C.F. (Argentina), March 1961.
  10. Theory of Cyclonic Combustion in Locomotive Fireboxes (in Spanish).  Conferencia del Combustible en la Industria, Buenos Aires, 1961.
  11. The Locomotive Ejector, Pan American Railway Congress, 1961.
  12. Gas producer combustion of wood and charcoal fines ex-AHZ. Tests on locomotive 4674, FCGB, carried out for the Argentine Association of Forest Industries, INTI-CIPUEC document, 1963.
  13. Teoría de la Combustion Ciclonica en hogares de locomotoras, August 1963 (in Spanish)
  14. Una locomotora para el futuro, Jornadas Ferroviarias de Tucuman (1964).
  15. Une locomotive quasi-ortodoxe a 17% de reudement thermique (en Espagnol) , Centro de Estudiantes de Ingeneria de la Universidiad de Buenos Aires, 1964.
  16. Una locomotora para el futuro, Jornadas Ferroviarias de Tucaman, Tucaman, Argentina, 1964.
  17. El sistema de Combustion a la Gasogena, Conferencia Internacional para el Uso Eficiente del Combustible en la Industria, INTI, Buenos Aires, 1966, pp. 14.
  18. Combustion Ciclonica (in Spanish), 1966.
  19. Steam locomotive boiler combustion calculations- a criticism of the FRY method, unpublished, 1967.
  20. What can be done with a class 5?, unpublished, 1967.
  21. A note on the boiler efficiency of Rio Turbio locomotives, unpublished, 1967.
  22. Locomotive Drifting (in Spanish), Revista de La Fraternidad, Buenos Aires, 1968.
  23. Adheherencia, paper submitted before XII Congress Pan Americano de Ferrocarriles, Buenos Aires, November, 1968.
  24. Paper on Non-steady ejector performance, heat transfer, and WEISS port on two cylinder compound locomotives, circa 1968 (unpublished).
  25. Bar frame design proposals to avoid twisting at the back end and facilitate maintenance, unpublished, 1969.
  26. Note on bolted connections in locomotive practice with special reference to the Porta sectional boiler, unpublished, 1969.
  27. Guide for the connection rod-piston rod calculation: A proposal for the TGS bag, unpublished, 1969.
  28. Steam locomotive development in Argentina- its contribution to the future of railway technology in the under-developed countries, Journal of the Institution of Locomotive Engineers, 61 (1969) 205-257.
  29. Note sur la substitution des tiroirs simples par des tiroirs doubles.  1969 (unpublished).
  30. La grille casse scories en V: essai de theorisation de son comportement (en Español), unpublished, 1970.
  31. Reflexions sur la conduite des locomotives, unpublished, 1970.
  32. Note-discussion sur la paper a Andrews sur les bilees des locomotives a vapeur J Loco. E 1952, 1970 (unpublished).
  33. What can be done with a Class J?, 1970.
  34. Note sur l'equation fondamentale donnant les efforts au crochet des locomotives a vapeur., 1970 (unpublished).
  35. The temperature of steam locomotive connecting rod big ends- a calculation approach, 1970 (in Spanish, unpublished).
  36. Sur l'aerodynamisme interne des locomotives a vapeur, 1970 (unpublished).
  37. Note sur l'etancheste des pistons moteur et des tiroirs des locomotives a vapeur, 1970 (unpublished).
  38. Notes on oil rod lubrication (in Spanish), 1970 (unpublished).
  39. Qu 'est-ce qu'il faut faisse pour rouler une locomotive a vapeur pendent 2000 heurs sans attention on entretien? (What should be done to make a locomotive run 2000 hours without attention or maintenance?), 1970 (unpublished).
  40. 250 km/h con vapor en Argentina, con carbon de Rio Turbio, Jornadas de CADEF, Santa Rosa de Calamuchita, Argentina, April 1971.
  41. Reflexions sur la conduite des locomotives (Reflections on Locomotive Driving), 1970 (unpublished).
  42. Locomotives a vapeur de l'avenir- project, operation, hommes (Future Steam Locomotives- Design, Operation, Men), 1971 (unpublished).
  43. Note sur les tuyauteries de locomotive, 1971 (unpublished).
  44. Note sur la con fiabilite des machines locomotives, unpublished, 1972.
  45. L'analyse des erreurs dans les mesures experimenetales faites sur les locomotives a vapeur, unpublished, 1972.
  46. Note sur le "degouflement" des locomotives apris sa sortie des ateliers comment garantir 100% de performance le long du parcours entre GR (Note on the loss of power of locomotives after their coming out of back shops- how to guarantee a 100% performance between heavy repairs), 1972 (unpublished).
  47. Quelques reflexions sur les characteristiques fondamentals des locomotives a vapeur, 1972 (unpublished).
  48. The dissipation of heat produced by piston ring friction on steam locomotives, 1972 (unpublished).
  49. Steam locomotive sizable improvements with minor detail alterations- the experience with engine No. 1802, FCGB, 1972 (unpublished).
  50. On the design of the inside locomotive motion, unpublished, 1973.
  51. Combustion, Heat transfer and draught in a 2-10-0 locomotive, unpublished, Buenos Aires, 1973, pp. 14 (unpublished).
  52. Cycle Calculations for a 2-10-0 locomotive, 1973 (unpublished).
  53. Sur la participation de la chandies daus l'absortion des efforts demandes au chassis de locomotive, 1973 (unpublished).
  54. Theory of the Lempor ejector as applied to produce draught in steam locomotives, Buenos Aires, 1974, pp. 14.
  55. With Roveda E. B., Heat transfer to a container of any arbitrary form, INTI, 1974.
  56. An analysis of the Kylchap blast pipe of the 242 A1, Buenos Aires, 1974.
  57. Heat transfer and friction in ejector mixing chambers, unpublished, Buenos Aires, 1974, pp. 14.
  58. With Fiora J., On the dimensioning of steam locomotive motion: forces or horsepower? , unpublished, 1974.
  59. The Lempor blast pipe- claculation for a 2-10-0 locomotive, 1974 (unpublished).
  60. The design of high-powered steam locomotive crankshafts, unpublished, 1975.
  61. Steam engine cylinder tribology, unpublished, 1975. Revised 1978, June 1987, and March 1992.
  62. Steam locomotive boiler feedwater treatment, unpublished, 1975.
  63. Quelques reflexions sur les caracteristiques fondamentales des locomotives a vapeur, premiere Parte, unpublished, 1975.
  64. Note on flat plated stayed firebox construction for locomotive boiler working at 30 and 60 atmospheres steam pressure, unpublished, 1975.
  65. La traccion a vapor en el contexto de la cris energetica (en Español), XIII Pan American Railway Congress, Caracas, Venezuela, 1975 (also in English)
  66. Piston valve liner bridge-bar temperatures, unpublished, 1975.
  67. The mechanical design of piston valves, unpublished, 1975.
  68. A piston valve design for high temperature steam, 1975 (unpublished).
  69. The cooling of piston valve and liner rubbing surfaces, 1975 (unpublished).
  70. Note sur la philosophic du project de la chandiere locomotive moderne, 1975.
  71. Adhesion in advanced steam locomotive engineering facing the oil crisis, INTI document, 1976.
  72. Leaving coal burning locomotives unattended, unpublished, 1976.
  73. An example of boiler heat balance analysis, unpublished, 1976.
  74. Note on steam locomotives with three cylinders, unpublished, 1976.
  75. Written contribution to the discussion of the paper on steam motive power to be read by Mr. Peter Lewty before the Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineers, Calgary, Canada, Nov 23, 1976, unpublished, 1976.
  76. Locomotive sparking and lineside fire risks, unpublished, 1976.
  77. Hand-firing in connection with the GPCS, unpublished, 1976, comments added 1988.
  78. A new conception of the compound locomotive, unpublished, 1976.
  79. Progress on steam locomotive technology carried out in Argentina since 1969 and up to 1976, unpublished, 1976 (?).
  80. Note sur les locomotives compound a trois cylinders (Note on compound locomotives with three cylinders), 1976 (unpublished).
  81. On the influence of elastic wheels on driving adhesion, 1976 (unpublished).
  82. Note on the purposes of mechanical locomotive design and the philosophy related to it, 1976 (unpublished).
  83. The Herdner starting helper, unpublished, 1977.
  84. A comment on Durrant's proposed locomotive boiler, unpublished, 1977.
  85. The theory of units and Usure (?) Scholarium with special reference to some engineering and economic fields, INTI, 1977.
  86. Note on the Hudson-Orrock furnace heat transfer equation as applied to the locomotive boiler, unpublished, 1977.
  87. Note on the design of Garratt locomotives, unpublished, 1977.
  88. Improvements to the steam locomotive air-brake pump, unpublished, 1977.
  89. With David Wardale, SAR 19D combustion calculations, unpublished, 1977.
  90. On piston and valve ring wear pattern deformations and lubricator conditions, unpublished, 1977.
  91. Steam cycle of a 4000 CVe Metre gauge 2-10-0 steam locomotive, unpublished, 1977.
  92. A note on the optimum lead in steam locomotives, unpublished, 1977
  93. A System for Coupling Both Mallet Engine Units and its Extension to Other Articulated Locomotives, 1977.
  94. Improvements to the air brake pump, 1977 (unpublished).
  95. With David Wardale, Third Generation Steam: Facing the Energy Crisis, XIV Pan-American Railway Congress, Lima, 1978.
  96. Water treatment for low pressure boilers. Part 1 Locomotives, in Spanish, unpublished, 1978.
  97. Note on the responsiveness to quick load changes of a certain well-known type of boiler when burning wood, Study for KALHALL, Stockholm, Sweden, 1978.
  98. The cooling of piston valve and liner rubbing surfaces, unpublished, 1978.
  99. Some notes on large steam pipe connections occurring in separable locomotive design, unpublished, 1978.
  100. Note sur une nouvelle philosophie dans le traintement des eaux pour chaudieres locomotives (Note on a new water treatment philosophy for steam locomotives), unpublished, 1978.
  101. Notes on third generation steam, unpublished, 1978.
  102. Improving existing shunting engines without structural alterations, unpublished, 1978.
  103. A feedwater heating system suitable for S65 and T65 locomotives, unpublished, 1978.
  104. The CGCPS:  Cyclonic gas producer combustion system.  Part 1, unpublished, 1978.
  105. Notes on the maximum allowable working pressure of locomotive boilers with special reference to existing riveted boilers, 1978 (unpublished).
  106. Calculo de la disociacion del Na2CO3 en calderas: coorecion al modelo de P.T. DEE, INTI document, 1979.
  107. A proposed mechanical adhesion improver, unpublished, 1979.
  108. A mechanical anti-slipping device for steam, electric or diesel locomotives, unpublished, 1979.
  109. Notes on adhesion under limiting conditions, unpublished, 1979.
  110. Notes sur la pression maxima de travail des chaudieres de locomotive avec particulere reference aux chaudiers rivees existantes (en Español), INTI, 1979.
  111. On the partial blanking off of some grate parts , unpublished, 1979.
  112. Piston valve liner bridge-bar temperatures, unpublished, 1979.
  113. With David Wardale, SAR 19D boiler and ejector calculations, unpublished, 1979.
  114. Leakage in the No. 1 tubeplate in firetube boilers (in Spanish), INTI, Dept. Termodinamica, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1979.
  115. Steam locomotive boiler water circulation- a first semi-quantitative approach, 1979, revised 1981 (unpublished).
  116. Fugas en la placa tubular No. 1 de las calderas humotubulares - Informe numero uno (preliminar), borrador de trabajo, ejemplar numero 35 (en Español)- INTI, Depto de Termodinámica, February 1980.
  117. A note on the gas producer combustion system under fluidised bed conditions, unpublished, 1980.
  118. Note on a proposed dynamic braking for advanced steam locomotives, unpublished, 1980.
  119. Note on combustion efficiency of the Gas Producer Combustion System, unpublished, 1980.
  120. Note on burnout heat transfer, unpublished, 1980.
  121. Note on the philosophy of steam locomotive machinery design, unpublished, 1980.
  122. Leakage of the No 1 tubeplate for firetube boilers No 1 (preliminary) (in Spanish), INTI, 1980.
  123. A new superheater-economiser element for advanced steam locomotive technology, unpublished, 1980.
  124. Improvements for hand-driven valve gear reversers of steam locomotives. , unpublished, 1981.
  125. Esperifications (?) techniques. constructions ? ? locomotives a vapeur chauffees a charbon de Chemin de Fer Rio Turbio Yaimientes(?) Carbinoferro Fiscales-YCF, Rebuplico Argentino (en Espagnol), INTI-YCF, 1981.
  126. The M-grate as applied to steam locomotive boilers, 1981 (unpublished).
  127. The R-grate for steam locomotive boilers, 1981 (unpublished).
  128. Steam locomotive boiler water circulation, unpublished, 1982.
  129. Steam locomotive crosshead design, unpublished, 1982.
  130. Dispositif de controle de l'hauteur de la mousse dans les chaudieres a basse pression (en Español), unpublished, 1982.
  131. On the Walschaert link design, unpublished, 1982.
  132. Improvements to the steam locomotive air-brake pump, unpublished, 1982.
  133. On steam locomotive piston and valve ring leakage, unpublished, 1982.
  134. Note on the Lubrifilm wearing surface reconstruction process, unpublished, 1982.
  135. Note on the present status of grate design in connection with the gas producer combustion system, 1982 (unpublished).
  136. A mechanical slip control device for steam, electric and diesel locomotives (last revision), 1982 (unpublished).
  137. The PORTA- de LEONARDIS elastic wheel, unpublished, 1983.
  138. Some notes on marine uniflow engines of unique design, American Coal Enterprises, 1983.
  139. Improvement to the SKINNER uniflow steam engine, American Coal Enterprises, 1983.
  140. An example of application of the gas producer combustion system to a water-tube package boiler, unpublished, 1983.
  141. A note on boiler technology based on the Gas Producer Combustion System, unpublished, 1983.
  142. Supporting pad for tail rods and piston valves (based on the ONO principle), unpublished, 1983.
  143. A note on increasing flue diameter in locomotive rebuilding, unpublished, 1983.
  144. The burning of coal on grates- the classical combustion (with discussion with D. Wardale), unpublished, 1983.
  145. Bar frame design proposals to avoid "vibrillement" at the back end and facilitate maintenance, unpublished, 1983.
  146. Note on bolted connections in locomotive practice with special reference to the Porta sectional boiler, unpublished, 1983.
  147. The dissipation of heat produced by piston ring friction, unpublished, 1983.
  148. Note on the inertia compensator for piston valves, unpublished, 1983.
  149. Notes on third generation steam, unpublished, 1983.
  150. Commented translation of F. Witte, "Der Strukturwandel und die Dampflokomotiven der Deutschen Bundesbahn-Neue Kessel", Loktechnik 1957 s. 31, unpublished, 1983.
  151. The potential of locomotive rebuilding. an example: The Chinese QJ series, American Coal Enterprises, 1983.
  152. The design of the ACE 3000 locomotive- my uncertainty areas, American Coal Enterprises, 1983.
  153. An essay on locomotive boiler tubeplate birdnesting (ash fouling), 1983 (unpublished).
  154. Filtering oil in coupling rod bearings, 1983 (unpublished).
  155. On the WALSCHAERT link design, 1983 (unpublished).
  156. Heat transfer in the steam locomotive firebox- a check of the empirical Hudson-Orrock-Porta formula, unpublished, 1984.
  157. Notes on locomotive firebox repairs. Commented translation of the SNCF document MT 52c No 4, premiere parte, unpublished, 1984.
  158. The thermo mechanical behavior of the steam locomotive firebox- an overall view, April 1984.
  159. The lubrication of axlebox checks. In u. f. d. l. a. v. P. parte (Ed.), unpublished, 1984.
  160. Leakage of the No 1 tubeplate for firetube boilers No 1 (preliminary) [in Spanish], INTI, 1984.
  161. Description of the Mark 1-B advanced coal burning steam locomotive. First preliminary scheme, American Coal Enterprises, 1984.
  162. Boiler foam height meter, American Coal Enterprises, November 1984.
  163. A mechanical anti-slipping device for steam, electric or diesel locomotives, unpublished, 1985.
  164. Note on the present status of grate design in connection with the gas producer combustion system, unpublished, 1985.
  165. For the record: some ideas on advanced steam locomotive tribology, American Coal Enterprises, 1985.
  166. An essay on sulfur emission control in advanced steam locomotive technology, unpublished, 1985.
  167. An essay on NOx emissions and the GPCS- (Gas Producer Combustion System), unpublished, 1985.
  168. Leaving coal burning locomotives unattended, unpublished, 1985.
  169. Note on the present status of grate design in connection with the Gas Producer Combustion System, unpublished, 1985.
  170. Piston valve design for high temperature steam, unpublished, 1985.
  171. The mechanical design of piston valves, unpublished, 1985.
  172. Working the Gas Producer Combustion System under pressure- an exploration, Foster-Wheeler, 1985.
  173. Tentative boiler proposals for the Tsinghua University, Tsinghua University, 1985.
  174. Mechanical coal distribution for locomotive grates: The Elvin and Patadon stoker heads, unpublished, 1985.
  175. Note on cylinder lubrication by means of hydrostatic displacement lubricators, unpublished, 1985.
  176. Note on the Rio Turbio tyre profile, unpublished, 1985.
  177. Some forms of secondary air nozzles for locomotive type boilers, unpublished, 1985.
  178. On the use of the tender as a large hot water reservoir for advanced steam locomotive technology, unpublished, 1985.
  179. The ACE 6000-G locomotive: an exploration about a Garratt configuration, American Coal Enterprises, 1985.
  180. Application of the gas producer combustion system to the 141R: an excercise, issued September 1985, updated November 1998
  181. L. D. PORTA: his advanced steam locomotive technologies and their extension to other thermomechanical fields, L. D. Porta, Buenos Aires, 1986.
  182. Locomotives de manoeuvre pour les chemin de fer Argentinas (en Español), FA, 1986.
  183. Some suggestions to improve the gasification efficiency near firebox walls, Gas Producer Combustion System, unpublished, 1986.
  184. The Fischer knuckle pin in advanced steam locomotive engineering, unpublished, 1986.
  185. The contribution of a new steam motive power to an oilless world, Sedminario Internacional de desarrollo tecnoloico ferroviaro, Guaalajara, 1987.
  186. Recuperacion y modernizacion de tres locomoras de vapor alimentadas con lena para el Paraguay. Algunos aspectos de la operacion. Costos y rentabilidades, Documento interno de la Pesidencia de Ferrocarriles Argentinos, 1987.
  187. Asesor, Presidencia de Ferrocarriles Argentinos. Junio 1988 -  Curso elemantal sobre tracción de vapor (en Español).
  188. Steam locomotive power: advances made during the last 30 years. The future., XVIII Collogue ICOHTEC, Paris, 1990.
  189. With Pennaneach M. J. and Guilly J. M., Exemple d'une technique de progres: la combustion gazogene, XVIII Collogue ICOHTEC, Paris, 1990.
  190. Forty years later: an analysis of Chapelon's compounds in the light of recent progress in steam locomotive technology, XVIII Collogue ICOHTEC, Paris, 1990.
  191. On warming up phenomena occurring in steam locomotives, unpublished, 1990, in preparation.
  192. A simplified approach to locomotive balancing, unpublished, 1990 In preparation.
  193. The Gas Producer Combustion System as an Answer to Coal-Derived Pollution from Steam Locomotives, 1990.
  194. An essay: the prediction of condensation and evaporation in wall effect phenomena occurring in steam engine cylinders, unpublished, 1991 "nearly finished".
  195. The influence of condensations in the specific steam consumption of saturated steam engines, according to Doertel, unpublished, 1991 "nearly finished".
  196. Crankshaft design for high power locomotives, second edition, unpublished, 1991 "Nearly finished".
  197. Towards the automatic control of combustion in the GPCS- a first qualitative approach, unpublished, 1991 In preparation.
  198. An essay: The Russian approach to friction and wear problems, as applied to PORTA advanced steam locomotive technology, unpublished, 1991 In preparation.
  199. Revised values for stresses of steam locomotive components, unpublished, 1991 In preparation.
  200. On the problem of the steam locomotive ejector design, unpublished, 1991 In preparation.
  201. An essay on abrasive wear of steam locomotive bearings, unpublished, 1991 In preparation.
  202. The thermodynamical analysis of steam locomotive cylinder performance (incomplete, 1991), unpublished.
  203. A proposal for the Tornado project, L.D.Porta, 1992.
  204. An advance in steam locomotive draughting: the use of the blower to reduce back-pressure and increase boiler efficiency, unpublished, 1992 In preparation.
  205. Paper on advanced steam locomotive crossheads, unpublished, 1992 In preparation.
  206. Advanced steam engine cylinder tribology, 1995. (updated edition of 1975 "Steam engine cylinder tribology)
  207. A preliminary scheme for the modernization of the ex-Baldwin 2-6-2 locomotives, Emerald Tourist Railway Board, Australia, February 1995. ("Puffing Billy" Railway, project continued by Nigel Day in UK and Shaun McMahon in South Africa; proposal still under discussion by the board.)
  208. Notas sobre un servicio de lujo a Mar del Plata con locomotoras a vapor (en español), 18 de Julio 1996, Banfield, Argentina. Paper written for the information of Tranex Turismo S.A. during the initial plans for operating a mainline passenger service between Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata using modified or newly constructed steamers. Proposal still under consideration by government authorities in Argentina.   
  209. Informe sobre el Ferrocarril Austral Fueguino, numero 1. (en Español), 27 Diciembre 1997, Banfield, Argentina. 
  210. (as Consulting Engineer, FCAF) Some steam locomotive leakage tests on locomotive Nora, Ferrocarril Austural Fueguino
  211. An Essay- The Russian Approach to Friction and Wear Problems as Applied to PORTA Advanced Steam Locomotive Technology (in preparation, 1987)
  212. XXIst Century Steam- Day of Modern Steam Traction, December 15, 1997.
  213. Fundamental Principals of Steam Locomotive Modernization and Their Application to Musuem and Tourist Railway Locomotives, 1998.
  214. Application of the gas producer combustion system to the 141R: an exercise, 1998 (unpublished).
  215. Some aspects of the LVM 800 locomotive design, July 1998.
  216. Specifications for an 0-6-0, 500/600 mm gauge, 150 HP locomotive design, August 1998.
  217. Informe sobre el Ferrocarril Austral Fueguino, numero 2. (en Español), 3 de Marzo 1998, Banfield, Argentina.
  218. With McMahon S. - Informe sobre Ferrocarril Austral Fueguino/Report on Ferrocarril Austral Fueguino, numero 3/number 3 (en Español y Ingles/In Spanish and English), 11 de Agosto 1998/11th August 1998, Banfield, Argentina.  
  219. On Some Gas Producer Combustion System Firebed Phenomena, January 1999
  220. Report on the FCAF, number 4, 10 September 1999, Banfield, Argentina.     
  221. Some Steam Leakage Tests on Locomotive NORA of the Ferrocarril Austral Fuegino, 6 October 1999.
  222. On some GPCS firebed phenomena, unpublished, 1999.
  223. The gas producer combustion system- a positive answer for fires caused by coal- and biomass-burning steam locomotives, unpublished, 1999.
  224. A note on oil burners as applied to steam locomotives, January 2000.
  225. Cario: An Advanced Axlebox Scheme for 21st Century Steam Locomotives, January 2000
  226. Steam locomotive engineering facing the energy crisis (book in preparation), 1999 (unpublished).
  227. The Steam Locomotive- That Simple and Poorly Understood Machine (in preparation, 1999).
  228. CANARIAS, a theory of gas phase combustion (in preparation, 1999).
  229. Fundamentals of the Porta Compounding System for Steam Locomotives, November 2000.
  230. Stuffing Boxes (undated, unpublished).
  231. Crosshead design (undated, unpublished).
  232. Paper on advanced water treatment and use of the tender tank as hot water reservoir (undated, unpublished).
  233. Improvements to the hydrostatic cylinder lubricator (in Spanish, undated, unpublished).
  234. Paper on valve gear design (undated, unpublished).
  235. Paper on self-grinding packing glands (undated, unpublished).
  236. Heat transfer in locomotive cylinders (in preparation, unpublished).
  237. Ceramic coating of cylinder non-rubbing surfaces (in preparation, unpublished).
  238. Advanced shunting locomotives for the Argentine railways (in Spanish), Buenos Aires, (undated, unpublished).
  239. Progress in steam locomotive technology carried on since 1976 (undated, unpublished).
  240. Notes on method for correct setting of locomotive spring gear (undated, unpublished).
  241. An essay on the design of cylinder bolted connections in two-cylinder locomotives (undated, unpublished).

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