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Steam Locomotion in the 21st Century

The Recent History of Steam Locomotive Development

Steam Locomotive Information Links

updated 15 February 2022


Advanced Steam Traction Trust
Group established in 2012 following the closure of the 5AT advanced steam locomotive project. The Group seeks to promote the ongoing development of steam traction with the aim of prolonging steam operation of both main line and heritage line workings for the benefit of present and future generations.
Coalition for Sustainable Rail
US group working on several steam projects, including firing steam locomotives with "torrefied biomass", which is plant-based synthetic coal.
N Generation Steam N (next) generation steam.
Steam Locomotive Information A database of preserved locomotives around the world.
The Geared Steam Locomotive Works A great site covering every type of geared-drive steam locomotive produced in the U.S., including Shays, Climaxes, Heislers, Willamettes, and others.
The French Compound Steam Locomotives Page All about French steam locomotives with a wealth of information on France's amazing steam locomotive designer, Andre Chapelon. Info on all classes of steam operated in the U.S. Includes a complete listing of all remaining steam locomotives in North America.
Valve Gear Simulation Computer Program Charlie Dockstader's freeware computer program which allows modeling of virtually every known type of valve gear applied to steam engines (locomotive or otherwise).
SteamCad SteamCad is a Collection of AutoCadİ Line Drawings of some of the most famous United States Steam Locomotives.
1999 CFR Title 49, Volume 8, Part 230- Steam Locomotive Inspection and Maintenance Standards
The current regulations for steam locomotive inspection and maintenance in the U.S.
Railfast Intermodal K6 Steam Project
Group working on a design for an eco-friendly steam locomotive built using 21st Century manufacturing techniques and employing modern technology. The heart of the project seems to be a patent pending positive displacement rotary engine which is covered on their site.
Mackwell Locomotive Company
Sam Mackwell's site for his advanced steam projects in New Zealand.
Martyn Bane
Martyn Bane's page on modern steam developments (no longer updated). Extensive pages on all current steam locomotive development designers, as well as several current and historical UK locomotive subjects.
Extreme Steam Unusual Variations on The Steam Locomotive.
German Steam Locomotive Performance Bryan Benn's site on German steam locomotive performance. Includes an interesting section on high speed runs by steam around the world.
SAR Steam John Young's website on South African Railways steam and live steam locomotives. Offers downloads for sale of scanned SAR locomotive drawings.
Kirklees Light Railway 15 inch gauge passenger railway in the UK featuring a fleet of modernized steam locomotives.
71000 Duke of Gloucester Homepage for the 71000 trust, the group which operates 4-6-2 No. 71000, the Duke of Gloucester.  The Duke is one of the most advanced steam locomotives constructed in the UK. The Duke is probably the greatest feat of steam locomotive restoration ever accomplished.
Uncommon Steam Locomotives A very interesting page on unusual, often VERY unusual, steam locomotives around the world
Leader A site on the radical steam locomotive "Leader", designed by England's famous railway designer Bulleid . The Ferrocarril Austral Fueguino, called Tren del Fin del Mundo- "The Train at the End of the World". The world's southernmost railway. The line's three operating steam locomotives were modernized under the direction of Shaun McMahon with assistance from Ing. L. D. Porta. In English or Spanish.
The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust The project that built a new mainline 4-6-2 steam loco in the UK. 
The PRR T-1 Steam Locomotive Trust
The U.S. group undertaking the construction of a new Pennsylvania Railroad T-1 4-4-4-4 duplex drive locomotive.
International Steam Locomotives Rob Dickinson's reports of working steam around the world. Regularly updated.
Railways of the Far South Martin Coombs' and David Sinclair's pages about the railways of the southern tip of South America, including the RFIRT, where much of Porta's work was carried out.