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Steam Locomotive Information Links (updated 18 January 2011)

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News Sites

Railway Preservation News Edited by Bob Yarger, the original editor of Locomotive & Railway Preservation. Up-to-date news reports on U.S. railway preservation events and a good discussion board.
Steam Central U.S. steam news page maintained by John Craft. U.S. steam news.

Sites for Specific Locomotives

Milwaukee Road #261 Milwaukee Road 4-8-4 no. 261.
Nickel Plate Railroad #765 Nickel Plate Railroad 2-8-4 no. 765, restored and operated in excursion service since the 1980's.
Chesapeak & Ohio #614 (new) Iron Horse Enterprises, the official site of former C&O 4-8-4 No. 614.
Durango Railroad Historical Society 315 A group in Durango, Colorado that restored a 3 foot gauge 2-8-0 that had been displayed in a park for many years.  Lots of photos showing the restoration process. 

Technical Sites

N Generation Steam N (next) generation steam.
Steam Locomotive Information A database of preserved locomotives in the U.S.
The Geared Steam Locomotive Works A great site covering every type of geared-drive steam locomotive produced in the U.S., including Shays, Climaxes, Heislers, Willamettes, and others.
The French Compound Steam Locomotives Page All about French steam locomotives with a wealth of information on France's amazing steam locomotive designer, Andre Chapelon. Info on all classes of steam operated in the U.S. Includes a complete listing of all remaining steam in North America.
Valve Gear Simulation Computer Program Charlie Dockstader's amazing freeware program. Allows you to computer model virtually every known type of valve gear applied to steam engines (locomotive or otherwise).
SteamCad SteamCad is a Collection of AutoCad© Line Drawings of some of the most famous United States Steam Locomotives.
Yahoo Steam Whistles Group Yahoo group for steam whistle enthusiasts.  Membership must be approved by moderator.

International Sites

5AT Advanced Steam Locomotive Project Website for the group in the UK that's building a new state-of-the-art steam locomotive based on the British Rail 5MT 4-6-0 design. Martyn Bane's page on modern steam developments. Extensive pages on all current steam locomotive development designers, as well as several current and historical UK locomotive subjects.
Extreme Steam Unusual Variations on The Steam Locomotive
(part of the "Self Site"- see the non-steam links page)
German Steam Locomotive Performance Bryan Benn's site on German steam locomotive performance. Includes an interesting section on high speed runs by steam around the world.
SAR Steam John Young's website on South African Railways steam and live steam locomotives. Offers CDs for sale with scanned drawings of SAR locomotives.
Kirklees Light Railway 15 inch gauge passenger railway in the UK featuring a fleet of modernized steam locomotives.
Right Away! Railway Recordings Australian Steam Train Sounds (and the occasional diesel)
71000 Trust Homepage for the 71000 trust, the group which operates 4-6-2 No. 71000, the Duke of Gloucester.  The Duke is one of the most advanced steam locomotives constructed in the UK. The Duke is probably the greatest feat of steam locomotive restoration ever accomplished (yet).
71000 Duke of Gloucester Another webpage for 4-6-2 No. 71000, the Duke of Gloucester,
Uncommon Steam Locomotives A very interesting page on unusual steam locomotives around the world
Indian Railway Pictures Great page on Indian railways by Apurva Bahadur
Steam Locomotives of India Complete site on Indian steam by Dileep Prikash
Rail in India More excellent photos by Bharat Vohra
Friends of the Rail An excellent South African webpage with current news and excellent photographs.
Preserved Steam Locomotives in Spain A new site on Spain's extensive preserved steam operations.
Leader A site on the radical "Leader", designed by England's famous railway designer Bulleid . The Ferrocarril Austral Fueguino, called Tren del Fin del Mundo- "The Train at the End of the World". The world's southernmost railway. Locomotives presently being modernized by Shaun McMahon and L. D. Porta. In English or Spanish.
The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust The project that built a NEW, full-size, 4-6-2 steam loco in the UK.  The locomotive is now complete and in operation.
International Steam Locomotives Rob Dickinson's reports of working steam around the world. Rob also has an extensive listing of steam railway books available for purchase.
Railways of the Far South Martin Coombs' and David Sinclair's pages about the railways of the southern tip of South America.

Miscellaneous Sites

American Rails An informational guide to American railroading covering all aspects of the industry, including steam.
Rails USA All-American All-rail internet search engine and directory.
The Grandscales Quarterly Journal for 12" gauge & larger RR's.
Historical Model Railway Society Comprehensive site for All UK Railway Modellers, Historians and Enthusiasts
Live Steam Magazine A U.S. magazine for miniature steam locomotive builders.
Model Railroader Magazine Includes prototype plans, such as the ACE 3000 drawings featured on this website.
RailServe: The Internet Railroad Directory Over 3,000 rail-related links, search engine, forums, railfan chat rooms, and more!
The South Carolina Railroad Museum Home Page My home state's railroad museum.
1999 CFR Title 46, Volume 8, FRA Steam Locomotive Regulations Provides access to either an Adobe PDF or plain text file containing the recently released updated regulations for steam operation in the U.S.