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kenosha streetcar
The Kenosha Electric Streetcar is Wisconsin's only public electric transit line
It opened to the public on June 17, 2000
Service began with five former Toronto PCC cars,
which were refurbished and wheelchair lifts added.
The cars retain their Toronto numbers, but have been
painted in schemes representing other cities that
operated PCC cars.
4606 - Green & Cream with Red stripe - Chicago
Proximity to the Windy City makes this a fan favorite.
4609 - Red & White - Pittsburgh
4615 - Orange & Cream - Johnstown
Same colors as Milwaukee streetcars makes this
another fan favorite.
4616 - Yellow with Green stripe - Cincinatti
4619 - Maroon & Creal - Totonto
Two more cars were added in2012
4617 - Green with White Stripes - San Francisco
2185 - White with Red & Blue trim - SEPTA
The route is about 2 miles long in an oval shaped loop.  It is single track with a short passing
(storage) siding at the end of 56th Street near the Public Museum.
Cars run counter clockwise. Usually only one car operates on a daily rotating basis.
The short scenic ride and nearby attractions are an ideal way to introduce younger riders to
electric transit.
54th Street - Ride begins at 8th Ave. Transit Center and heads west in right lane.
11th Ave. Line turns south past the METRA station and runs in curb lane.
56th Street - Line turns east into median strip. Passes County Buildings, Dinosaur Museum,
Park, Post Office, Stores, Condos, Public Museum and Civil War Museum.
End of 56th Street - Line makes wide sweeping curve back to 54th Street.
54th Street - Line runs in grassy strip between street and Harbor Inlet to 7th Ave. where it
enters 54th Street. Lead track to Transit Center branches off here.
Toronto 4619 pauses at the Transit Center
Tracks in foreground were
for original
TMER&L station. Tracks
removed 2000.
SEPTA 2165 heads west on 54th Street
crossing Sheridan Road
Chicago 4606 turns off 54th Street onto 11th Ave.
next to the METRA station
Toronto 4619 heads east on 56th Street past the
Courthouse about to cross Sheridan Road
Cincinnati 4616 about to turn off 11th Ave.
into the median of 56th Street.
Johnstown 4615 heads east on 56th Street
amid mid-winter snow
Pittsburgh 4609 heads east in median of
56th Street past business section.
San Francisco 4617 picks up riders in the median
of  56th Street in the business section
Johnstown 4615 heads east in median of
56th Street past town houses and condos
Cincinnati 4616 heads east past Public Museum
through siding
near east end of 56th Street.
Civil War Museum is to right of Public Museum.
SEPTA 2185 begins a long sweeping curve
from the end of 56th Street back to 54th Street
Pittsburgh 4609 finishes sweeping cuve
from 56th Street and enters grassy strip
between harbor inlet and 54th Street
Schedules - Fares
and other information
(262) 653-4287
Chicago 4606 heads west in grassy strip
between 54th Street and the harbor inlet.
San Francisco 4517 leaves grassy strip at
7th Ave and enters 54th Street just east of
the Transit Center