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Can We Play Farkle?

 A game of luck and strategy for any number of players

         We're not at all certain of the origin of this folk game, but we can best trace it to roots in Canada.  Farkle was taught to us by our in-laws, and we've spent many happy hours playing.  Even though luck is in large measure responsible for victory, it is possible to apply many different styles of play and strategies to a game.  No game is ever over until the last player has completed rolling, and it is possible to overcome great point deficits.  No two games are ever alike.  Since Farkle involves dice rolls, age and experience matter little in play.  The only equipment necessary for play are five dice, pencil and paper, making this an ideal game to play while traveling, waiting in restaurants, or on vacation.  Farkle can be played by anyone from ages 6 to adult.  If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us at

        To enjoy this wonderful game, please send us four dollars ($4) for documebnts describing the rules, scoring,  and sample rounds.  Either cash, check, or money order are acceptable and we will quickly e-mail you the instructions for this most enjoyable game.  Farkle is available in Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, generic text, and *.PDF formats.  Please tell us which format you prefer and remit payment and your e-mail address to:

Can We Play Farkle?
c/o Michael Tylick
53 Old farm Road
      MA 01566-1221

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