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Drawings by Henri Bibeau

    For as long as we've known him, Henri Bibeau has been making these delightful drawings.  They're small, the larger image being actual size.  Working with pencil or pen and ink. he works quite rapidly and has assembled a large body of work.  We're privileged to show some of our favorites on our web page. Henry's art is scheduled to be published as a greeting card by the respected railroad printer Audio-Visual Designs.  Look for them soon at your favorite hobby dealer..

    Some viewers may be disappointed to learn that the scenes depicted here existed only in Henri's imagination.  Although these do not show specific trains running on specific tracks on specific days, in many ways they catch a greater truth about the glory days of railroading.  Most railroad art, however well executed, is largely illustrative in nature in that the artist attempts to replicate a photograph that was (or could have) been taken.  With the perfection of photography in the late nineteenth century, artists were freed from the constraints of visual record keeping and were free to explore new avenues.  Although Henri's work is traditional in execution, it is radical for railroad art in that none of this existed in the corporeal world.  We hope you will join us in enjoying Henry's interpretation of days gone by.

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