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Andrew Hebron Collection

        We've never met Andrew Hebron, since he lives almost as far  from us as it's possible to be on this planet.  The international communication possibilities of the web enables us to bring you this collection. Andrew  has graciously sent along some of his favorite signs to share with other hobbyists.  He has culled these signs from many sources over the years, and all are digitized versions of commercial products. As such, the rights to all of these are likely owned by someone, expecially those companies who names you recognize.  We would advise against any commercial use of these uploads.  But in the meantime, enjoy the signs and happy model building.

        Many of these signs are sized for N scale but are suitable for models of any size- Andrew suggest printing them on thin "scribble paper" in order to save the step of sanding the paper back to make it thin enough to ecoupage into textured walls.  He reports success in embossing thin paper even into low relief N scale structure walls.We have divided his collection into different categories to speed downloading.


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