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Model Railroad Decals

    These images may be used to decorate railroad models for your home or club layout and they may be distributed to others.  Commercial users are asked to contact us for permission.  Please download these heralds and car decals by right clicking on the image.  Follow the directions for "save as..." that will appear in the pop-up box.  A detailed discussion of copying artwork to blank decal paper appears on our decal page.

Refrigerator Cars     These are complete lettering sets for our HO and O scale refrigerator cars.  While we are not purists and feel you should paint your car(s) with the colors you like, we have painted ours with reefer orange sides (approximately equal parts of reefer yellow and reefer orange), boscar red ends and roof, and black underframe, trucks, and hardware.  White paint spot color under the heralds and cow logo makes for a surprisingly elaborate-looking lettereing scheme.  We have only used this artwork on wooden cars of all eras but see no reason they couldn't be applied to the more modern steel sided ice-cooled car.  The lettering styles are probably too old for use on mechanical reefers.

Heralds Artwork for fictitious railrods used on our home layouts and those of friends.  You are on your own as to lettering and paint designs, but feel free to contact us for our suggestions.

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