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Frank Bernard Collection

        Frank Bernard is a craftsman and model railroader who delights in detailing his kit and scratchbuilt structures with colorful vintage signs.  Some of his favorite models can be seen on his web page. Although some modelers feel that signs can be ovedone, a look at a vintage city photographs will show advertising signs painted on virtually every blank wall that might be seen by passersby.  He has been kind enough to permit the Division Office to post his favorites for use on your models.  Frank has culled these signs from many sources over the years, and all are digitized versions of commercial products. As such, the rights to all of these are likely owned by someone, expecially those companies who names you recognize.  We would advise against any commercial use of these uploads.  But in the meantime, enjoy the signs and happy model building.

        Many of these signs are rather large- the better to reduce and print them for your layout, we have divided hi collection into different categories to speed downlaoding.


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