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When we're not railroading, we've been known to while away the hours surfing the web. Here are home pages that we've enjoyed and think you will too. The only order they are in is that the most recent are at the top.  But please scroll through the list- some of the older ones are among the best.  Please tell us about your favorites.

We were both surprised and pleased to see our web page has been translated into French.  Jean Parmentier ( you always may ask him, via me, to get a more accurate text than a computer's translation) tells us the translation is literal but not bad.  Now we're hoping for other languages.

Nous avons été tous les deux agréablement surpris de voir notre site sur le web traduit en Français. Jean Parmentier ( vous pouvez toujours lui demander, via mon site, d'avoir des traductions plus littéraires que celles obtenues par un traduction d'ordinateur) nous signale que la traduction est littérale, mais pas trop mauvaise. Maintenant il nous reste à espérer des traductions en d'autres langues.

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Michael has developed a reputation for quality custom model building, specializing in structures and rolling stock in all scales. He can start from scratch or assemble any kit, and can work to any desired stage of completeness. Photographs of his model work will appear on this page shortly, but in the meantime, please e-mail us for additional information.


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