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We're delighted to be associated with this consortium of modelmakers.  While working with many forms of miniature art and craftsmanship, their specialty is railroad models and complete miniature rail layouts.  Their work shows great care for quality and a very high level of detailing..  Send a postcard of our work.
  HO layout photos.
  FTT offers full service in model railroad electronics and specializes in the design and construction  of model railroad control panels.  FTT's electronics work the first time!

    Retropolis Collection
 A commercial siign company that features original artwork printed on self stick media.  A FREE downloadable .pdf sample page of their wares.  Email for information.
One of the most imaginative model builder of our time, Earl Smallshaw, had reposted his Middletown and Mystic Mines. railroad on the internet.  Enough said.

Models Buzz Forums Models are the real thing.
The Dagus and Rockwood Railroad of Cletus G. Waldman.  We've only seen a very few layouts with the level of detail and craftsmanship as this one.  Quite large too, with nicely done photographs.
We haven't built nearly as many South River Kits as we would like, but everything our friend Bob Van Gelder makes goes together into a beautiful model with very little hassle.  Some of the best New England mill kits on the market.

We're glad we discovered Surrey Custom Models.  In addition to  some nice craftsman kits, they have an extensive line of detail parts and graphics  we wish we'd thought of first.  They are also including some of the signs from our collection  which only enhances out good opinion of their excellent taste.

Although he's not a well known rock star, Donny Irace is a good friend who has built a most enjoyable model railroad.  It's based on the nearby Providence and Worcester Railroad, a very successful nearby regional and features mainline action on the Northeast Corridor.  Don devotes many of his waking hours to his trains, but nonetheless still manages to have fun with his hobby and has given us a railroad that is a great deal of fun to operate.  He has just completed a second web page containing many photos of the large layout built by our friend Bob Davis.

Although the Atlantic New England Model Railroad has a web site in its own right, we've included his page with Don 's and Bob's since all of us are members of the same wednesday operating group.  Ed Juaire is starting construction on what will become a very large N scale layout.  At present the construction photos are an excellent lesson in multi-level benchwork, but Ed promises to update the site often
 as work progresses.

All Sorts of wonderful railroad information.  worth checking out.
Model Railroads.Net

Leon Honings, former editor of Modelspoorwagen- the NMRA Bulletin of the Netherlands, has put together a nifty web site about his Chimera Gorge and Western Railroad.  Aside from the usual fine photos and history, Leon has included video for high speed access users, and has some nifty downloadable scale rulers and graffiti suitable for model work.  His site has  versions in both English and Dutch.  Visit this very professionally done site to see how people from across the Atlantic build models of American railroading.  Links to many European sites as well.

We've recently had the pleasure of meeting James Powell,  a young man who not only builds wonderful models but also maintains a most interesting web site.  Lots of nice photos of his work, and a high quality set of free dowloadable model signs.  Word is he'll be moving to the Northeast, and we'll be very happy to see him in person more often.

Wayne Weslowski has long been an outstanding model builder.  He always seems to be among the first to try new techniques that we all eventually take for granted.  He's been an inspiration to us for a very long time and we're pleased to be able to point you towards some well done photos of his wonderful work.

Speaking at conventions is always a joy, and it's even more fun when you meet someone nice.  We encountered Marty at Altoona last year, and he just informed us about his model web site.  Lot's of nice photos on this well thought out page, but we're most interested in his car exchange and interchange program.  A must if you enjoy modeling rolling stock.

Mark Doyon has been busily posting photos of his work on the web, and it's worth seeing.  In conjunction with Andy Batchley, they've published a nifty high- tech method off improving backgrounds.  We'd thought about borrowing the idea for our scenery tips, but Mark's included their interesting and useful article on their page.

We like what Gary Patteson has done with his layout.  His method of blending craftsman structures with three rail tinplate is both novel and attractive.  And we were quite pleased and flattered that he chose to borrow a scene from our O scale PioneerValley railroad.  Nicely photographed as well.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Mick some time ago.  He had published some intriguing photos of his Bicci & Onri railroad in RMC and Walthers about five years ago.  We wish he'd shoot some more, but they're worth a look.  His web site shows some of the best, as well as many links to various musical sites.

It's unusual to find an American who models European prototype, but the reverse is not the case.  Judging by the fine photographs in his site, Paul Templar has done a wonderful job with his Badger Creek Lumber Co.  Paul has been a longtime contributor to the British hobby press and is now publishing in United States with  Model Railroading.  In addition to his photos, Paul also includes an interesting autobiography, a number of useful tips and much more.

If you're a model railroad enthusiast you'll find something you like on this page.  It's all there if you have the inclination to look- a nicely done large page that is well worth the visit.

The Hub Division is among the most active of the Northeastern Region of the NMRA, and we're proud to be members of it.  Downloading a copy of the Hub Headlight is definitely worth the effort.

Artie has also started the Bar Mills Model Works, where he sells these nifty signs- the type that have freestanding letters on a metal frame.  We've never had the patience to build one, and we're delighted we can now buy something we've always wanted.

Kalmbach Publications has taken over the hosting of the Accurail Model Railroad Magazine Index.  If it was published, the index will show you where to find it quickly with their easy to use search engines.  Our thanks to both Accurail and to Kalmbach for allowing us to discard our largely incomplete file of magazine index listings.

We almost feel we should apologize  for the amount of time it took us to post a link to Kalmbach's home page.  The largest of the rail hobby publishers, they can always be counted on to provide a very professional and very interesting product.  Michael publishes much of his work with them, and they always treat you well and fairly.

Ken Spranza has created a very nice web page that showcases some of the nicest model railroads around, including several people we are happy to consider our friends.  Unlike many model rail sites, Ken's photography is exquisite.  Well worth a visit.

One of the many interesting links from the Highway Project led us to this posting of highway markers from the past and present.  The second has a vast collection of oil company sineage from all eras and all parts of the country.  Perfect for use on our model railroads even if they may not be in the public domain.

The Matthew billboard museum is an archive maintained by a billboard company.  If you are interested in contemporary model railroading, they offer a vast selection of contemporary prize-winning billboards from all parts of the country and with interesting graphics advertising almost everything

Railway Design Associates is becoming a mature model railroad supplier with a fascinating line of HO and O scale structures.  Rod Guthrie, the owner, is a friend and one of the more creative people we've met.  This shows in his kits, which are unlike anything else available- he's even able to get the feel of  handwork into injection molded parts, much like Alan Armitage did years ago for Revell.  A tips and news page is in the works.

The closest computers come to simulating railroad operations is with the software that replicates the work of the dispatcher. Signal Computer Consultants has recently offered a nifty simulation of this important job with demo programs available from their site. Dispatch Central has a number of free downloadable railroads that you can try your hand at dispatching after you obtain the software. They're written by enthusiasts for other enthusiasts to enjoy.

Dick Lord is one of the members of the NMRA design committee for Digital Command Control and an active member of the Layout Design SIG. He's designing a layout based on the Maine Central Mountain Division and has also put up a very interesting home page.

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