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Alaska Railroad single level dome 557

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UPY 2312

Type of Car: Single Level table coach
Coach: 68
Length: 85 feet
Height: 12 feet, 11 inches
Weight: ?
Platform Size : None. Vestibule only.
Kitchen/Galley: Yes, small, at A-end of car.
Restrooms: 2
ADA Features: 1 ADA Restroom, ADA acessible seating.
Built: Oct. 2007
Ran as: Alaska Railroad (ARR) 557 (2007-present).


Notes: ARR 557 is a duplicate of Alaska Railroad 555 and 556, which were delivered in spring of 2006. The car is a single level car, and seats 68, at table-top seating, four to a table. As built, it has a small galley on the A-end of the car that is designed to serve out about 80 light meals an hour. The car also features a service bar in the center, replacing one group of seats.

Alaska 2000 Aurora

Photo 5
Alaska RR 557 sits in Fort Lupton ready to begin its trip to Anchorage. Photo by Jody Moore. Click to enlarge.
Photo 5
Alaska RR 557 in the siding in Federal, WY. Photo by Jody Moore. Click to enlarge.
Photo 5

Sunset from inside RR 557 in 31st Street Yard in Denver. Photo by Jody Moore. Click to enlarge.

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