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Colorado Railcar demo ultradome SC-1

Colorado Railcar demo Ultradome Sleeper SC-1

Ft. Lupton, CO. Photo by Jody Moore

Type of Car: Ultradome demo Sleeper
Length: 85 feet, 0 inches?
Height: 17 feet, 6 inches?
Weight: ?
Platform Size : None
Kitchen/Galley: No
Lower Level Lounge: No
Restrooms: 16?
ADA Features: None?
Built: 1997?
Ran as: Never Operated

Notes: As a proof of concept structure, the SC-1 is one of two cars that represent a very exciting vision for use of space in a railcar. In reality, though, the SC-1 and several other cars at Colorado Railcar's Ft. Lupton plant can hardly be considered cars in the true definition of the word. Without drawbars, trucks, electrical systems or even exterior covering, the SC-1 is not presently fit for service. Like the LC-2 and SC-2, the SC-1 lacks end windows on the upper level.

But once you walk through the door, the car reveals some very interesting concepts for the possible future of the company. Downstairs, there are eight very normal looking sleeper bedrooms, complete with fold down bunk, chair and table. Each berth has its own shower and bathroom. (The downstairs configuration reminds me a lot of the four sleeper cars Colorado Railcar built for American Orient Express several years back.)

In the center of the car is a set of stairs leading to the upper level, and eight more sleeping berths similar to the downstairs rooms, but with the spectacular addition of the signature wraparound windows. Without the need for doors on the ends, there is room for a larger full-width suite, complete with all the amenities, and windows on both sides. The hallway also has slightly shortened (on the top) ultradome windows.

The car is a very powerful tool for visualizing possible sleeper configurations for Colorado Railcar's clients, and has been used several times for that purpose, as well as for taking photographs for literature.

It's not sure what the future for this car may be. Speculation is that it could find its way into eventual service on the Golden Eagle, a proposed luxury cruise train that is awaiting some sort of financing. Or it may continue to serve in its present capacity, as a sort of stuffed and mounted display case for client consideration. Either way, a trip into the SC-1 gives a very interesting vision of the Ultradomes' untapped potential.

Click here to see photos from a recent tour of the SC-1 and LC-2 taken at Colorado Railcar's Ft. Lupton, CO. facility.

Ft. Lupton, CO. Photo by Jody Moore

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