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Single level CRM business/demonstrator car

Colorado Railcar business car

Ft. Lupton, CO. Sept., 2005. Photo by Mike McGowen.

Type of Car: Single level business car.
Lounge: ?
Sleeping: ?
Length: 85 feet, 0 inches?
Height: Taller than normal
Weight: ?
Platform Size : Unknown
Kitchen/Galley: Yes?
Lower Level Lounge: Yes
Restrooms: Yes
ADA Features: Unsure
Built: 1997?
Ran as: Projected completion time unavailable.

Notes: While once steeped in controversy and rumor, the former hot tub car for the scuttled Marlboro Unlimited tour train got a new lease on life over the winter. The car is in the shop right now being converted into a business/demonstrator car, complete with platform, sleeper section and lounge. I don't have any more details right now, and a timetable for completion hasn't been set yet thanks to the volume of work being done at present. But check back for updates, which I will post as they develop.

When I visited, the exterior had been skinned, and the interior stripped of its former Spa hardware. The car will retain its above average height.

For historical purposes, I've retained the former Spa car roster page, which can be accessed here.

Ft. Lupton, CO. Photo by Jody Moore

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