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Holland America 1050

Holland America Westours 1050 "Kenai"

Seattle, WA. April 18, 2003. Photo by Jody Moore

Type of Car: Twin Level "A" Dome Coach
Coach: 88
Dining: 44
Length: 89 feet
Height: 18 feet, 1.25 inches
Weight: ?
Platform Size : None
Kitchen/Galley: Yes
Lower Level Lounge: No
Restrooms: 2
ADA Features: 1 Restroom & dining area seating
Built: 2003
Ran as: Holland America Westours (HALX) 1050

Notes: Named "Kenai". When Holland America turned to Colorado Railcar to augment its fleet of vintage Budd and ex-Milwaukee Road vintage full domes, the result was something quite different from the other ultradomes built thus far. The initial order, HALX 1050-1053, feature sloped dome ends that more closely resemble the Budd products of 50 years earlier, as well as other ammenities. They are divided into two types, A and B. 1050 is an A car, fitted with a full galley in addition to the dining area. Both the A and B cars have ADA accessible restrooms and dining facilities. The A cars don't have an open platform, but do have an open vestibule.

After construction, 1050 and 1051 were placed on display at several locations along the west coast before being shipped to Alaska. They were scheduled to enter service between Anchorage and Fairbanks, AK in May.

Click here to see a complete tour of the 1050 and 1051 that I took while the cars were on display at Seattle's King Street Station.

Seattle, WA. April, 2003. Photo by Deane Motis

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