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Holland America Westours 1058 "Kashwitna"

Holland America Westours 1058 "Kashwitna"

Ft. Lupton, CO. May, 2005. Photo by Jody Moore

Type of Car: Twin Level Full-use "C" Dome Coach
Coach: 88+1
Dining: 40
Length: 89 feet
Height: 18 feet, 1.25 inches
Weight: ?
Platform Size : 66.3 inches
Kitchen/Galley: Yes
Lower Level Lounge: No
Restrooms: 2, including 1 ADA restroom.
ADA Features: Wheelchair lift with tie-down, seating, ADA restroom, ADA dining seats.
Built: Delivered May, 2005 and entered service in June.
Ran as: Holland America (HALX) 1058

Notes: After completing an eight car order for new cars in 2003 and 2004, Holland America placed a second order for two additional cars to augment the new car fleet. Construction on these cars began in summer of 2004, and they were delivered in May of 2005.

The new cars are a bit of a departure from the other eight cars in Holland America's fleet, which are designed to run in pairs with one car containing the kitchen while the other has a downstairs observation platform and gift shop.

Instead, the 1058 and 1059 are self-contained, with a complete kitchen, 40 seat dining area and 88 seat dome coach section. They will have a relatively small outdoor platform, and full ADA accessibility, including a wheelchair lift to the upper level, and an ADA-acessilble restroom.

These cars are being ordered to provide fill-in service on days when the traffic is too great for the rest of the fleet. They will also see service on days when traffic is too light to justify using four cars.

The 1058 and 1059 round out Holland America's fleet at 10 cars, completetly replacing the seats on the 13 Budd domes that they replaced. With their arrival, the last four Budd domes have been retired and moved over to a new Holland America venture, Alaska Rail Tours.

The variety of patterns is intended to provide a visual break in the long space of the upper level. Sumner, WA. May, 2005. Photo by Jody Moore

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